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taylor skromme: 8 interesting Facts about the late Horse Rider and Motorcylcist

Taylor Skromme

The death of Taylor Skromme is still being talked about online to date. She was described as a person who is full of life an warm. She was young, full of zest and she loves adventures. In this post, we will share some details about taylor skromme which you probably don’t know about. We will also share the incident that led to her death last year in this post.

1. What is Taylor Skromme full name?

Her full name is Taylor Jean Skromme. She was born on November 10, 1999 in Sterling, Illinois. But she lived in Jacksonville, Florida, formerly of Prophetstown with her parents.

2. Who are Taylor Skromme Parents and Sibling?

She was born to Tad and Stephanie Skromme of Prophetstown. No other information is availoabler about her parents. The name of her brother is Kyle Skromme of Prophetstown. Her other relatives include her maternal grandmother, Donna Courtney of Prophetstown; paternal grandfather, Ronald Sandrock of Dixon; paternal grandmother, Marilyn Skromme of Prophetstown; uncle, Ron (Dede) Sandrock, Jr of Rock Falls; aunt, Heather Vahle of Moline; cousins, Austin Sandrock, Max Vahle and Mackenzie Vahle; and her boyfriend, Devin Bouley of Jacksonville. She was preceded in death by her paternal grandfather, Roger Skromme.

3. Which school did she attend?

Taylor Skromme finished with the 2018 class from Prophetstown High School. She attended Southern Illinois University, where in 2020 she graduated with a degree in Physical Therapy Assistant. In Florida’s Nocatee, she was employed by Cora Physical Rehabilitation.


4. Taylor Skromme Hobbies

Taylor was full of energy and enthusiasm. She constantly sought out new acquaintances and endeavors. Horses, motorbikes, motorcycle racing, and barrel racing were her three favorites sports. She was a member of the American Quarter Horse Society. Taylor cherished her two horses, Ace and Nova, as well as her rodeo dog, Faith, but she cherished her friends and family even more. She truly made the most of her existence.

Taylor Skromme

5. How Did Taylor Jean Skromme Die?

On Tuesday, May 24, 2022, Taylor Jean Skromme, age 22, passed away near Interstate 95 in Flagerville County. After a training exercise with three of her fellow bikers, Taylor Jean Skromme was returning home when she was killed in a car accident.

One of Taylor Jean Skromme’s fellow motorcyclists reportedly also passed away instantly, and the other two suffered varying degrees of injuries.

6. Relationship

Taylor Jean Skromme had a romantic relationship with Florida-based biker Devin Bouley, a handsome guy.


7. Social Media

Taylor Skromme was very active on Instagram while she was alive. She posts update regularly on her page about her biking experience. She had almost 40,000 followers on Instagram with the username @ninja.tay21.

8. Net Worth

How rich was Taylor Skromme? There is no information about her financial details.

Taylor Skromme’s death was received with shock especially by her followers online. She was very young and vibrant in her chosen field. She obviously enjoyed racing and perhaps she could have ended up as a race driver professionally.


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