“The colour doesnt make the person…”- Watch Paul Pogba’s powerful message on Racism in Football! Video👇

"The colour doesnt make the person..."- Watch Paul Pogba's powerful message on Racism in Football! Video👇 2

Football, the beautiful game as it is fondly called around the world has some issues affecting it especially on the pitch and Racism appears to be its biggest among them.

Racism in Football continues to divide opinions among football fans and analyst especially as regards the sanctions that should be taken against players, fans or club sides that are found guilty of it

Black players have the subject of racial abuse and discrimination in some of part of the world such that some of them had no choice but to walk out of the football pitch as a result of racial abuse.

Players like Mario Balotelli, Seydou Doumbia, Wilfred Zaha, Daniel Alves among a long list of black players have suffered racial abuses from opposing fans during a football match.

Top players around the world over the years have also condemned racism in football and have called on the FIFA to place stiffer sanctions on fans or club sides found blameworthy.

Manchester United and France midfielder, Paul Labile Pogba also shared his thoughts on racism, his identity and the need to put an end to racial discrimination in football.

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Video source: UEFA

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