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The role camille franzese played in helping her husband Michael Franzese become a better man

Camille Franzese

It is often said that behind every successful man, there is a supportive wife. While this is not exactly a statement of fact, Camille Franzese is a good example of those women who stood by their husbands, especially in a very difficult time. Camille Franzese helped her husband to become a better man making him leave gangsterism and leading him to Christianity. We shall discuss more on Camille Franzese and her husband Michael Franzese who is a very popular figure.

Who is Michael Franzese?

He is one of the most recognizable gangster figures in the world. Michael Franzese was a member of the Colombo criminal family and, at his peak, made up to $8 million a week. Michael originally had no plans to join the gang. He dropped out of school to join the gang after getting tired of the police harassing his crime boss father, John Franzese. He was to  John “Sonny” Franzese, a Colombo crime family underboss, and Cristina Capobianco-Franzese on May 27, 1951.

Franzese got to know his father’s associates, like Joseph Colombo, and, according to Franzese, on Halloween night 1975, he was inducted as a made man by acting boss Tommy DiBella. [9] The blood pledge and the omerta were taken as part of the ceremony by Franzese. [10] Jimmy Angelino, Joseph Peraino Jr., Salvatore Miciotta, Vito Guzzo Sr., and John Minerva, all of whom he took the oath with, perished violent deaths over the course of the following 20 years, with the exception of Miciotta. Franzese claims that this ceremony occurred in 1975, but the membership books weren’t allegedly opened again until 1976. (they had been closed since 1957).

With a staff of 300, Franzese had attained caporegime status by 1980.


Michael left the group in 1986 after being found guilty of conspiracy charges. He left the group and started to attract the attention of the criminal family. He admits that it’s a wonder he’s still here to describe the incidents of his criminal career.

How Michael Franzese and his wife Camille Franzese met?

Michael and Camille Garcia met while filming for Warriors of the City. Franzese directed the film and Camille was one of the dancers. Camille, a devout Christian from Anaheim, California, was chosen to dance after another dancer departed the set to take a different position. At the moment, Franzese was at the height of his criminal career. The minute Franzese set eyes on Camille, he fell in love. Camille agreed to go on a date with him, but she never turned up. Unlike other females on the set, Camille didn’t find the criminal leader to be as fascinating.

Camille Franzese

The Church of The Saints was informed about Camille’s five pick-ups by Michael. As a result of her mother, Camille converted to Christianity and disapproved of the actors and crew’s conduct. She made the choice to leave the filming and eventually head back to California. After Michael successfully convinced her to allow him to meet her family, she agreed.

Michael Franzese Conversion to Christianity

Michael was fascinated and seduced by Camille’s mother’s fervent dedication to Christianity. She imagined Michael one day sharing the faith with countless numbers of people. That was the beginning of Michael’s transformation from a crime lord to a worker of the Lord.


Franzese married Camille after winning a legal battle that spared him from receiving a sentence of more than 50 years in jail. Michael chose to enter a plea after a later arrest, and was given a ten-year sentence. Franzese received Camille’s assistance in bolstering his religion during both of his prison terms. She was accepted into The Church of the Apostles after Michael needed some time to accept the faith.

According Cathy: It took him ten to twelve years to finally come to terms with grace, forgiveness, and the knowledge that God’s mercy extended to him as well. I believe that was Mike’s difficult task. He was unable to accept that. Because it was a rite for him, baptism was beneficial.

Michael Franzese now

Michael is a motivational lecturer and author. Camille, who is obsessed with fitness, and her children run a gym. Recently, Michael confessed to DJ Vlad that Amanda had once fantasized about joining the police force, a profession that Michael had spent the majority of his early years attempting to avoid.

Net Worth

Michael Franzese, a former mob boss from the United States and head of the Colombo criminal family, has a $1 million fortune. In May 1951, Michael Franzese was born in Brooklyn, New York. John “Sonny” Franzese, an alleged Colombo underboss, is the father of Michael. Michael left school to lead a workforce for the Colombo family as a capo regime (captain). He sold millions of barrels of gasoline with the Russian Mafia while taking part in gasoline smuggling rings. He earned more money for a crime family since Al Capone and was ranked as the 18th richest and most powerful mafia boss by Fortune Magazine in 1986.


Michael Franzese’s books

  • Quitting the Mob (1992)
  • Blood Covenant (2003) I’ll Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse (2009)
  • The Good, the Bad and the Forgiven (2009)
  • Veriliitto (2015)
  • Lived (2018)


Camille Franzese and Michael Franzese have three children together: Julia Marie FranzeseAmanda Franzese, and Miquelle Franzese

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