Ursula Holly: What we know about Ricky Carmichael’s wife 

Ursula Holly: What we know about Ricky Carmichael's wife  2

It’s no longer news that Ursala Holly is the wife of former American motocross and stock car racing driver Ricky Carmichael but folks online are still interested in knowing more about her because she does not have an online presence as of now. 

Ursala Holly’s popularity is tied to that of her husband who is a multiple-time former motocross and stock car champion. Ever since the retirement of her husband from the sport, the attention seems to have shifted to his wife. 

We shall attempt to provide answers to some of the questions that have been raised online about the wife of Rich Carmichael’s wife Ursala Holly. 

No Wikipedia page 

Ursula Holly: What we know about Ricky Carmichael's wife  3

Aside from being the wife of Ricky Carmichael, there is no other tangible information about Ursula Holly. She doesn’t have an online profile page. She is also not on any social media platform. 

Carmichael is a legendary race car driver 

Richard Carmichael, better known as Ricky Carmichael, is a legendary racer in American history. He is a former racer who had a successful career in both motorcycle and car racing. He raced professionally in motocross, an off-road motorbike racing competition, and stock car racing.

For his achievements, he has received sponsorship from a number of well-known companies, including Honda, Suzuki, Fox Racing, and Monster Energy. Ricky competed in the AMA Motocross Championships from 1997 to 2007, winning seven times. From 2008 to 2011, he competed in and won the AMA Supercross Championship five times. He won gold in Supercross at the X Games in 2007.

Ursula Holly: What we know about Ricky Carmichael's wife  4

He was named the Camping World Truck Series’ Most Popular Driver in 2009. Ricky appeared in Tom Gear, a BBC show with Ken Block and James May, the same year. For his incomparable contribution to his racing career, he was dubbed the greatest of all time. He also made an appearance in the 2005 film Supercross.

Ursala Holly’s husband’s net worth is $25

Ricky Carmichael’s net worth is $25 million. He is an American racer known for his success in Motocross. Ricky Carmichael’s net worth is derived from his career as a Professional Motorcycle Racer and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver. He was also well-known for his car stock and Gymkhana-style driving. He got his first taste of professional motocross in 1996. He showed signs of future greatness and was named AMA Motocross Rookie of the Year. Ricky Carmichael moved to the 250 class for Supercross in 1999, working part-time for the Factory Kawasaki team.

How old is Ursula Holly? 

Her exact age is not known, unfortunately. But she seems to be in her late 30s. According to the few photos available on the internet, Ricky Carmichael’s ex-wife, Ursula Holly, appears to be the same age as her ex-husband.

So far, accurate information about Ursula’s age is unavailable.

Ricky, on the other hand, is 42 years old. Ricky, like many celebrities and public figures, keeps his personal and romantic lives private.

Nothing is known about how they met or when they began dating.

Ricky Carmichael - Ursula ex-husband

Regardless, this adorable couple tied the knot 19 years ago.

A lovely photo of them from their wedding day is available on social media, in which they can be seen looking at each other and smiling.

There have been no reports of infidelity or any other type of conflict. However, they have not been seen posting pictures of each other. 

Ursula Holly children 

Ricky Carmichael and his wife have two children (twins) as a result of their marriage.

The names of their children are Kadin Carmichael and Elise Carmichael. They arrived on March 16, 2007. 

They both have Instagram accounts with the handles @kadincarmichael and @elisecarmichael4.

Social Media 

Ursula Holly is also on Instagram with over 4,000 followers on her page. 

Ursula seems to be in a new relationship

Ursula frequently shares photos with a man named Bart Corrington, who can be found on Instagram under the handle @bartcorrington. They appear to be in a relationship.

Will Corrington is Bart Corrington’s son from a previous marriage. They all appear to be living happily together.

Bart proposed to Holly on February 21, 2021, and shared an Instagram post with the caption, ‘She said yes!!!’ ‘After all, with the help of the children!!’

Surprisingly, Ricky also shared a Thanksgiving post in November 2021 in which he is seen with a woman, to which a fan commented on Instagram, ‘Two of my favorite people.’ ‘Quite possibly the most beautiful couple ever.’

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