Where is Sergio Aguero’s next Destination?

Where is Sergio Aguero's next Destination? 2


Manchester City has announced that its all-time highest goal scorer, Sergio Aguero will bid his farewell to the club at the end of the season after spending 10 years at the club.

Sergio Aguero’s departure from the club, for those who can see writings on the wall, had already seen his imminent exit from the club considering his recent lengthy injury and his lack of playing time.

Sergio Aguero

In honour of his meritorious service to the blue side of Manchester, Sergio Aguero’s statue will be erected alongside that of Vincent Kompany and David Silva who left the club at the end of last season.

Sergio will forever be remembered for handing Manchester City their first Premier League trophy in 2012 courtesy of his last-minute strike against QPR.

The player revealed that the club will forever be in his heart as he confirmed his departure from the club.

*A huge sense of satisfaction and pride remains in me for having played with Manchester City for a whole ten seasons – unusual for a professional player in this day and age.”

Where is Sergio Aguero's next Destination? 3

“Ten seasons with major achievement, throughout which I was able to become the top historic goalscorer and forging an indestructible bond with all those who love this club – people who will always be in my heart.”

As the Argentine striker continues his football sojourn aged 32, one of many questions that have raised is where his next destination be.

Rumours have that the striker might be heading to the Red side of Manchester in what will be considered a wild move. However, European football transfer expert, Fabrizio Romano has debunked the rumour as “100℅ fake”

Other reports have suggested that Sergio Aguero might be heading to Barcelona considering his bromance with national team crony, Lionel Messi with who he won an Olympic Gold Medal in 2008.

Nevertheless, Barcelona has not taken their eyes off Lyon Memphis Depay who is considered a priority as they continue a search for a striker since Luis Suarez left the club last season.

Chelsea and PSG at the moment have other priorities at the moment according to Fabrizio Ramano. Although Sergio Aguero gave a hint on the club he might join.

One thing fans can be assured of is that Sergio Aguero will get a top club when the summer transfer window opens. He’s one of the best among his contemporaries and even if his statue is not erected outside the Etihad Stadium, his exploits at the club in the last ten years will forever be in the mind of not just Manchester City fans but also football fans worldwide.

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