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Who is Asia LeeShawn Ferguson and how did he die? Find out here! 

Who is Asia LeeShawn Ferguson and how did he die? Find out here!  2

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson: Will it not be nice or awesome if one could control when he is going to die, how he is going to die, where he is going to die and the type of death that will claim his life? 

Unfortunately, no one has control over these things because if everyone has, no one will choose to die in a plane crash, auto crash, a bomb blast or any form of horrific death. 

If Asia LeeShawn Feguson can, he would not have gone to that Park with his family and church friends on that fateful day. He would have stayed back at home or in church with his friends. But then…


The death of Asia LeeShawn Ferguson went viral but some of the videos that portrayed how he died had to be taken down. However, some have resurfaced online again. 

In this post, we shall tell you all you need to know about Asia LeeShawn Ferguson as well the circumstances surrounding his unfortunate death. 

Who is Asia LeeShawn Ferguson? 

In June 2008, Asia Leeshawn Ferguson died after being struck by the Batman roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia. The incident was part of a series of similar incidents that occurred in the park. It was meant to be a fun-filled day for Asia and the other accident victims, but it turned tragically.


Asia, who was visiting the park with his family and a group of churchgoers, was identified by the authorities.

Asia LeeShawn Ferguson video 

On several social media platforms, a video of Asia’s death in the park has gone viral.  Although the video has since been taken down from the internet, there are other videos available that cover the story.

Asia jumped over two gates and ventured into a prohibited area, where he was decapitated by the Batman roller coaster, according to the footage. 


After an autopsy, the death was ruled an accident by the police. The reason behind Asia’s decision to enter the restricted zone is still unknown. 

However, some assume that the adolescent was hoping to retrieve his hat, which had been blown away by the wind.

Reactions to Asia LeeShawn Ferguson death 


At the time, Asia was 17 years old, which is a fairly young age to depart the planet. Out of respect for the family, the park and roller coaster were closed for a few days. According to the accounts, no one else in the family or group was wounded.

News of Asia’s death made national news, with outlets such as NBC and CBS covering the story. The cause of death was determined to be an accident. Asia went to the park with 67 other church members, it was later revealed.

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson was a teen who lived with his family in Georgia. 


He was a kind young man who loved the church and the Lord, according to his relatives. He was a devout member of the church who helped out in a variety of ways. 

Asia was an African-American boy. Ferguson climbed the perimeter fence from a parking lot and then hopped over another fence enclosing the roller coaster, according to the county police officer.


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