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Who is Jacob Batalon girlfriend Brooke Reyna? Find out here 

Who is Jacob Batalon girlfriend Brooke Reyna? Find out here  2

One of the things you have to get used to when you become a celebrity is coping with being in the news directly or indirectly everytime, especially if you work in the movie/entertaiment industry. 

At one point in time, there will be news about you or someone close to you. Also, fans will also want to know more about you as well as the people close to you.

Who is Jacob Batalon girlfriend Brooke Reyna? Find out here  3

Brooke Reyna has become a popular name on radio and television as well as on blogs because of her relationship with a popular figure in the movie industry. 


Who is Brooke Reyna and whom is she dating currently? We shall provide answers to these questions and also tell you more about Brooke Reyna in this post. 

Who is Brooke Reyna? 

Who is Jacob Batalon girlfriend Brooke Reyna? Find out here  4

Jordan Batalon, who plays both Olive and Ned in this film, has Brooke Reyna as his girlfriend. Her name is unknown, as is her age or job, and she appears to prefer to remain anonymous.

She has 48,000 Instagram followers under the handle b lareina. Although her profile is secret, she appears to allow fans to follow her.


She includes a link to an 1883 Magazine article titled “Jacob Batalon is more than a sidekick or a best friend – he’s determined to be the lead actor” on her profile.


Jacob Batalon and Reyna Brooks have been dating since March 2021. They met on a night out acc9rding to Jacob.

“”I love her to death,” Jacob told the outlet. “We met on a night out, really random. I feel like I wasn’t really looking for anyone and she kind of just popped into my life. And now we’re together.”

Who is Jacob Batalon girlfriend Brooke Reyna? Find out here  5

On March 7th, Jacob shared his first photo with her on Instagram, calling it “Alexa play fortunately by Britney Spears.” 

He’s posted countless photos of her on Instagram since then, and it appears like they’re extremely happy together. In April 2021, they visited Disneyland.

Brooke Reyna helped Jacob Batalon become a Vegan 

Jacob has dropped weight in recent years, as his devoted followers know, presenting his new look on Instagram in October 2020, and it looks that Brooke has been supportive of his efforts as well. “My partner pushed me to go vegan,” Jacob explained to 1883 Magazine.


“I’ve been doing a lot of plant-based dishes recently. There’s this Filipino chef from San Francisco that makes vegan Filipino food which is something that I’m trying to get into as well.”

Net Worth 

Brooke Reyna is an extremely private person such that details about her personal life, ethnicity, career, net worth have been made public. However, that of her boyfriend has been estimated.

According to our calculations, Jacob Batalon’s profession pays him a lot of money. Jacob Batalon’s estimated net worth is USD 6 million, and his major source of income is acting. He is one of the biggest rising talents, having risen to prominence following the publication of Spiderman: No Way Home.


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