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Who Is Lionel Messi’s Look-Alike Reza Parastesh? Meet the Iranian Who Pretends To Be The Superstar?

Lionel Messi's Look-Alike

It is not unusual for people to look-alike whether slightly or overwhelmingly. It is a natural occurrence among humans even though the individuals share different parents. It is very unlikely for a football fan cannot mistake the face of Lionel Messi for another person but then there is someone from Iran who looks just like the football star.

In cases where two individuals extremely alike, the one who is less popular tend to take advantage of people while pretending to be the other person. Lionel Messi’s look-alike is has reportedly slept with 23 women while pretending to be the Inter Miami striker.

Who is Lionel Messi’s look-alike Reza Parastesh?

The name of Lionel Messi’s look-alike is known as Reza Parastesh. He is an Iranian who became very popular after he posted his picture in Barcelona shirt online. Reza Parastesh, the Messi look-alike is said to have had 23 affairs despite the fact that his behaviour has been condemned by the authorities.

In 2017, his father urged him to take a picture wearing Messi’s Barcelona jersey, and the picture instantly went viral, earning Parastesh the moniker “fake Messi.” Parastesh even styled his hair and grew a beard like the Barcelona captain to further resemble Messi because of how similar the two are.


However, Messi’s look-alike has refuted claims that he already slept with 23 women while pretending to Messi, the FIFA World Cup winner. Reza Parastesh took to his Instagram page to quell the allegation.

He said: “Hi friends, a piece of false news about me is trending on social media with regards to me sleeping with 23 women because they thought I was Lionel Messi. Please do not play with people’s reputation and credibility.

Lionel Messi's Look-Alike

“We are all aware of the fact that if it actually happened to anyone, there would be some complaints and it would lead to my prosecution. That would be a disaster and a calamity of international proportion. If this news was true, I would be in jail right now.

“Do not believe it, it is not true. I am going to do everything to fight this legally and make sure my name is cleared.


“The news is spreading in the Muslim countries and it has been a disaster. I was severely harassed because it released the whole world on me. My family also harassed me, but the people’s attack was more influential.”

Parastesh boasts an Instagram following of almost 700,000 fans. He frequently shares photos emulating the iconic poses of the Argentine superstar, along with images of himself bearing a striking resemblance to the man himself.

Lionel Messi’s look-alike still enjoys his “celebrity” status in Iran as he post for pictures with friends, family and admirers.

Anyone who is not very observant will think Reza Parastesh is Lionel Messi’s real brother but he is not. Lionel Messi has two brothers and they look like him but not like the Iranian.


Who are Lionel Messi’s brothers?

Lionel Messi is part of a tight-knit family that includes two elder brothers, Rodrigo and Matias. He maintains a strong bond with his siblings, who played a pivotal role in nurturing his athletic talents and overseeing his personal brand. Matias takes charge of the Leo Messi Foundation, a charitable organization, while Rodrigo handles public relations matters and his day-to-day schedule.

The Messi family collaborates harmoniously to create an environment where the athlete can thrive in the sport he’s passionate about. His father has been instrumental in managing his career, facilitating his participation in top-tier European teams. Notably, Messi also has a junior sister named Maria Sol, who is recognized as a model and an internet personality, adding to the diverse talents within the Messi family.

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