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Who Is Zack Bonfilio From Texas and why was he banned from Tik Tok? 

Who Is Zack Bonfilio From Texas and why was he banned from Tik Tok?  2

Zack Bonfilio: In as much as social media is free to use, there are laws or to be more precise, policies that guide the usage of any of the platforms you belong to or choose to use. 

It doesn’t matter how influential or popular one might be, once you err, your account will be suspended or in some cases, one might be banned from using the platform. 

Zack Bonfilio can attest to the aforementioned claim. His account on Tik Tok was banned because he violated one if their policies. 


Who is Jack Bonfilio? What did he do exactly? We shall reveal who he is and what he did in this article. 

Who is Jack Bonfilio? 

Who Is Zack Bonfilio From Texas and why was he banned from Tik Tok?  3

Zack Bonfilio, better known on Tiktok as Misfit Patriot 3.0, was banned after accusing Modern Warrior of being a pedophile.

Modern Warrior is an indigenous promoter from the United States. Zack Bonfilio uses his platform to discuss a variety of concerns that indigenous people face in society.


The Tiktokers’ differing viewpoints and many back-and-forths produced a lot of tension on the platform.

Zack Bonfilio is a Texan who works for ‘Tile And Remodelling San Antonio,’ a tiling company. He could perhaps be the company’s owner, according to rumors. Zachary Bonfiilo is the genuine name of the Misfit Patriot 3.0 user.

Other data about Bonfiilo are unknown to the general population. On the internet, he has been labeled a racist. Cindy Bronson, a netizen, has stepped forward to expose his racist views.


What happend to Misfit Patriot 3.0 TikTok ?

The Tiktok saga began when Misfit Patriot 3.0, also known as Bonfilio, made videos criticizing Modern Warrior. Lance Tsosie, also known as Modern Warrior, is a Navajo Native American. Since the lockdown began, he has been outspoken about issues affecting local Americans. He uses social media to raise awareness and educate native people about how to deal with their issues.

Zack Bonfilio, on the other hand, has a history of making racist remarks and using the n-word in his videos. His account was banned from Tiktok when netizens denounced it. In real life, people are confronting him about his behavior.

He made racist and pedophilic comments towards Lance before his account was suspended. The advocate retaliated by airing rebuttal films that further exposed Bonfilio. Bonfilio then engaged an attorney and filed a cease-and-desist order against Modern Warrior.


Lance has received a lot of support from people on the internet after the tragedy. Zack has over 2.5 million Tiktok followers and 120,000 Instagram followers.

Zack Bonfilio Age 

His exact age is unknown to the general public. While he is banned from Tiktok, he has revealed that he will return in a series of videos on Twitter and Instagram.

His Instagram handle was @themisfitpatriot3.0, but it appears that he has cancelled the account. On all social media sites, Zack has received a lot of backlash for his behavior.


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