Why mothers must teach their daughters to be Independent – Nollywood Actress, Victoria Inyama (video)


Why mothers must teach their daughters to be Independent – Actress, Victoria Inyama (video)

Popular Nollywood Actress, Victoria Inyama has called on mothers to teach their daughters how to be independent especially financially and not rely on men.

She said mothers must teach their young daughters to be modest, decent and work hard so that they won’t rely on marrying a rich man or hope to build together with a man when they get married.

Victoria Inyama also advised mothers to talk to teach their daughters how to manage their emotions and relationship specially with the opposite sex.


She said;

” I am responsible for my post but NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HOW YOU UNDERSTAND IT!”

“Moms of teen daughters, we need to start building up our daughters for this modern world……We have to encourage them to focus & not be distracted by Social media, The Others.. ……”

“How the hardwork & discipline of the Morning & Afternoon of our lives pays off in the Evening… Tell them often Never to depend on anyone but themselves…..Tell them about the types of friendships & how to manage others irrespective of their race/Color/Religion ……To be self reliant and Not The plan to Marry a Rich man but buildup together……….”


“Teach them that money is Good but must not harm themselves or DIGNITY to get it….Stop putting family financial responsibility on your young Daughters!!!!”

“Also Remember that You are her 1st Role model….Teach her Not to put Money before her Emotions/Self worth/ Morals….Tell her that there are good men that still Appreciate a good simple decent girl..Tell her that being modest is a virtue 👌 These l tell my Beautiful young daughter too
Have a good Evening ❤💜🧡💛💚💖🙏🏽”

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