You want to join a club in Europe? Watch this video!

You want to join a club in Europe? Watch this video!

Are you a young budding Nigerian footballer aspiring to start a professional career in Europe? If yes, then this video is for you.

Watching the lives and careers of established footballers in Europe’s big leagues can be interesting and inspiring but the road to the top is not laid with roses, according to Belgian football agent Bart de Bruine.

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De Bruyne, who has been an agent for about 30 years and has a relationship with Nigerian footballers spanning the last 25 years, gives a rundown of why a lot of Nigerian players rarely make it in Europe inspite of their enormous talent.

In this video, De Bruyne gives a checklist of what you should know about before going for trials in Europe and the qualities a young player must have before he can hope to scale through to professional success.

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