White robe

10 things you should consider when shopping for a luxury white robe for your family!

You won’t be entirely wrong if like a baby, you nurse the notion that wearing a robe especially a white robe before and after taking bath is a sign of luxury and affluence.

For someone like me and probably some readers like you careless about wearing a white robe not to talk of purchasing one online or in the local store.

White robe

However, if you can afford a white robe, which is the most common, why not? Wearing a robe adds some warmth and comfort to your body, after all, it doesn’t cost a fortune.

The bathrobe appears to be what comes mind when people talk about robes but there are also different forms of white robes worn by men and women.

A bride and her bridesmaids might decide to put on a white robe made from either satin, silk or cotton just before the wedding ceremony. This is not usually part of the dressing routine of the bridesmaids but it gives some extra touch of elegance while the ladies do their pre-wedding rituals.

Also, religious clerics, members of the choir and other sections of the church put on robes as part of their official wears especially during the Sunday worship service or Friday Jumat prayers. For the Catholics, most often than not the priest is usually on a silky white robe while ministering to the congregation.

In this post, we shall look at some of the things you need to consider while shopping for a bathrobe for a friend, yourself or your family. We will also look at the different types of fabrics to choose from while shopping for a white robe.

It’s not just enough to just buy a white robe online or at the store without considering some important factors. The quality of the robe, the material it is made of, the price, the weather condition of your location, weight of the white robe among others should inform your choice before giving the cashier your credit card.

What to consider when choosing your white rob fabric


If you want to get top quality robe made from the best fabric then you would have to spend more to get them. However, you have to conversant with the fabrics and the maker so as not to buy a duplicate material.


For fabrics like Cotton and Cashmere especially, you have to either wash them carefully. You will need the help of a dry cleaner to help with the Cashmere if you can’t wash them properly.

You also have to consider the weight of the fabric as well as the weather condition of your location. Wearing a silk fabric during winter might not be advisable as you need to wear something that keeps you warm.

Depending on the occasion or weather condition and how buoyant you are financially you can choose to buy three to four white tone fabrics so can wear them when the need arises.

Different types of fabrics you can choose your white robe from

1. Flannel


If you want to warm especially during the winter, then you need to consider buying a Flannel white robe fabric. It’s is just like wool but the latest material is now blended with cotton which makes you comfortable while wearing it.

2. Satin and Silk

These materials make great wear while sipping a bottle of red wine on a romantic night with your spouse. They are not heavy like cotton or flannel but very light and fluffy on the skin.

Also, Satin and Silk are not to be worn daily but only on special occasions.

3.  Cashmere

You don’t have to break the bank to get this fabric but if you like it, then you need to have some reasonable amount of money because it is one of the most expensive.

These robes have special animal fur or hair fibres which are gotten when they shed their hair. People also wear this robe during cold seasons.

4. Wool

This is probably the most common kind of white rob fabric. It is what comes to mind when want to experience that optimal warm feeling. It is also the first choice when it comes to retaining heat because of its slight heaviness.

It absorbs water a lot so you might consider giving it to a dry cleaner to wash it for you. However, with the blend of polymer, is now lighter and the problem of heaviness is solved.

5. Cotton Sherpa

They are mostly used as lining for coats and it comes with a blend of cotton and they are synthetic. Cotton Sherpa has great absorbency quality and it retains its quality even after washing it several times.





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