A list of 200+ fascinating Gnome names to choose from!

A list of 200+ fascinating Gnome names to choose from! 2

A list of 200+ fascinating Gnome names you can choose from. 


Gnomes are very small creatures often described as scorched old men that live in forests, land, rocks, or the interior part of the earth. They are considered guardians of valuable treasures.

They have pointed ears and often grow hair on their faces. Gnomes can live for a very long time. They can live for several centuries. 


They are mysterious and mythical characters small in shape and sizes but with warm and friendly hearts. They use their sense of humor in deceiving friends and enemies and also.go hide their intentions. 


Gnomes are of different races but the most common are the Surface and Deep Gnomes. The surface gnomes are subdivided into two; rocks and forest gnomes. These gnomes have peculiar names which we shall consider later on. 


How to choose Gnome Names 


When choosing a gnome name, especially for your DnD character, it is important to consider the following factors: 

  • The kind of gnome you want to be 

  • Where you want to live (garden, forest, holes, rocks, etc)

  • The kind of friends you want to keep. Either elves, fairies, trolls, humans, or dwarfs).


Check out some funny DMD Gnome Names. 


  • Jewommum

  • Gunzasol

  • Smuworwass

  • Jenkkig

  • Bludwup

  • Mynsmit

  • Clumback

  • Reginaldina

  • Mossi

  • Smipric

  • Pamwam

  • Carlin

  • Candy

  • Brooke

  • Ihainbith

  • Belita

  • Thinkim

  • Smufabkock

  • Horbiker

  • Slenkess

  • Tallie

  • Clirefeth

  • Jakab

  • Scofarwes

  • Zita

  • Almog

  • Thabblom

  • Estele

  • Smaiddlat


Male Gnome Names


Male gnomes are known for their tricks and pranking others. However, they can be very dangerous with the use of magical illusions. 


  • Snegick Boulderforger

  • Drendan Dirtcarrier

  • Gontull Claymoulder

  • Warver Eyeswitcher

  • Xogim Flintsweeper

  • Tanziver Cobblemug

  • Gigget Pilwicken

  • Krankle Slyfox

  • Bink Leffery

  • Dugguld Lapisseizer

  • Wilfiz Klulnulme

  • Schnartank Eartwister

  • Gigget Pilwicken

  • Krankle Slyfox

  • Bink Leffery

  • Dugguld Lapisseizer


Female Gnome Names 


  • Spili Grath

  • Myqaryn Higacen

  • Isolys Bliclisp

  • Welkini Jepplaedriad

  • Matailni Alloychest

  • Snudleini Wirebrander

  • Nipsy Dalfoodle

  • Jenna Tinkler

  • Myqaryn Higacen

  • Spikasys

  • Xyromyra Whistlegrinder

  • Gallina Bangcontraption

  • Snaslani Rockchiseler

  • Letradi Onyxsmasher


Rock Gnomes Names and their meanings 


  • Jingle, is a fun-loving and interesting name.


  • Jinxie, what a wonderful name for a cute little gnome.


  • Jubie, is a short and lovely name for a garden gnome.


  •  Knaz. 


  • Krankle, a good and adorable name for your pet gnome.


  •  Lil, a cute name that describes the size of the little elf.


  • Lilliput, is a perfect suit as the name refers to “very small in size”, or “petty or trivial”. 


  • Lulu, the meaning of the name is “pearl” or “gem”.


  • Melodic Forest, is for a forest loving gnome.


  • Miki, is a cute name for a small creature.


  •  Odafi, is a name for person is loveable 


  • Orla, is one the most beautiful names for a female gnome.


  •  Peace Forest, a perfect and cute name for a gnome residing in a forest.


  • Rockadil, is a wonderful name for a rock gnome.


  • Nimbledigit


  • Nocktonick


  • Rondo


  • Rumbuckle, a perfect comical name for your character.


  • Sharkey


  • Snaps


  • Sonny


Forest Gnomes Names 


Forest Gnomes are usually small. There are smaller than the conventional types. They are usually 2ft tall and they weigh about 30 pounds unlike others who weigh about 40 pounds. 


They are very shy, reticent but friendly and hospitable. They interact and communicate with other animals living within them. Forest Gnomes are usually hard to discover as they build their houses in the innermost parts of the forest such that only their kinds can discover them. 


  • Coty Minikek

  • Egan Fearypants

  • Jelsar Floppyfeet

  • Kiary Heavyplum

  • Kierno Sparklytoes

  • Koemi Sugarsocks

  • Whitley Nocktonick

  • Yves Barkhide

  • Zita Reese

  • Aripine Pingun

  • Koemi Grimboodle

  • Maleah Oceanmotion

  • Miette McGibbles

  • Miki Fizzlebottom

  • Nina WetButton

  • Demi Upperskirt

  • Jenna Tinkler


Forest Gnomes Last Names 


Forest Gnomes take peculiar names which they use a surnames in place of their family names. 


  • Curdlemilk

  • McGibbles

  • Slyfox

  • Wiseword

  • Rainbowmaker

  • Sugarsocks

  • Wetbottom

  • Longbeard

  • Winkyface

  • Hedgehog

  • Softspeech

  • Nightowl

  • Sleepypants

  • Berrycheeks

  • Shroomeyes

  • Green grass


Deep Gnome Names 


They are male and female deep gnomes. The females have dark or frey eye color and skin, and they are usually housekeepers. Most male gnomes are beardless and some don’t have hair. They are strong and have a seemingly fierce gaze. Some female gnome names include:


  • Sninkee Shelfseizer

  • Schnasgai Ironsaver

  • Hersalli Millcleanser

  • Fralgarra Cobblebrowser

  • Ghesgairta Tileteeth

  • Zursann Gravelleg

  • Frarshann Crystalcollector

  • Eneil Terralifter


Male gnome names include: 


  • Tunti Pelletmoulder

  • Sheddla Ingotsealer

  • Taiktill Cragbones

  • Breckec Dirtbone

  • Snuttag Amethystcollector

  • Zirthmul Stonybiter

  • Zhugill Soilsearcher

  • Duttlars Groundwatcher


Characteristics of Deep Gnomes

  • They shy away from other races 

  • They are very good miners 

  • They are perfectionsist 

  • They are known as Svirfneblin

  • Deep Gnomes have rock solid body and grey skin

  • The underdark is their preferred territory.


Other Deep Gnome Names

  • Muzadda Emeraldsmasher

  • Fralgarra Cobblebrowser

  • Ghesgairta Tileteeth

  • Zursann Gravelleg

  • Frarshann Crystalcollector

  • Eneil Terralifter

  • Sninkee Shelfseizer

  • Schnasgai Ironsaver

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