All you need to know about a healing prayer for a friend


All you need to know about a healing prayer for a friend

There is a need to know more about healing prayer for a friend. In this article, all there is a need to know about healing prayer for a friend will be explained. It can hurt us too when their strength is waning or they’re not receiving all there is out of life as Friends are important pillars in our life.

Others find solace in offering prayers for their friends who are sick or suffering, some are comforted by sharing a quote about faith with their loved ones as it may feel like there’s nothing that we can do to help when in the direst situations.

Hopefully, they’ll bring your nearest and dearest some positivity, the following prayers come from an array of religious texts, spiritual leaders, and authors If you’re looking for ways to ask for healing or to send messages of hope they’re ones that I have found to be the most poignant.

Unity and diversity partnership as heart hands in a group of diverse people connected together shaped as a support symbol expressing the feeling of teamwork and togetherness.

Prayer for Friend’s Healing

Dear God Show him/her Your mercy and send forth Your healing hands to him/her. to restore my friend’s body and mind back to normal I trust in You, God, and Your mighty power.

Whether physical, mental, or emotional, to stay with us forever You shall allow no affliction. I know, Lord, that no disease is ever too much for You to heal. so I ask You to be with him/her I have a friend who’s now in pain as This is a difficult time for his/her life.

Thank You for giving them intelligent minds and compassionate hearts to serve my friend during his/her time of illness Thank You also for blessing my friend with skilled doctors to help him/her on his road to recovery. Continue to anoint them with Your wisdom, God, that they may provide correct diagnoses and prescribe the right medicine.


Renew his/her strength soon that he/she may continue to serve You and share Your love with the people around him/her. Continue to work Your restoration through his/her body. We continue to trust in Your timing, Father God. All these we ask in Your Name, Amen.

For those seeking God’s healing and restoration Gathered together on this page are several inspiring prayers and quotes. May your heart be uplifted now as you pray for your dear friend. There is also a prayer for those undergoing surgery, and three encouraging bible verses about healing. As there is a short prayer for healing for a sick friend, a prayer for recovery from cancer, and a beautiful get well message suitable for including in a card or text.

A Prayer for Friends


Almighty and eternal God, have mercy on our friends your servants direct them according to your gracious favor in the way of eternal salvation and Keep them continually under your protection.

O Lord, graciously assist them with your heavenly help As they trust in your mercy, Through Jesus Christ our Lord that they may always diligently serve you, and be separated from you by no temptations and May they desire whatever pleases you, and with all their strength strive to do it.

Prayer for Our Friends

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. that they may think and speak and do only what is pleasing to you, love our friends and teach them to love you with all their hearts O fountain of love.


Prayer for Friend’s Strength

Heavenly Father You are our strength when we are weak. my friend right now who is going through a tough time in his/her life God, I ask that You would grant that strength. Trusting Your promises You are the one who lifts us up and makes us soar on wings like eagles. Heavenly Father, we recognize that You are a shelter in a time of storm.

Instead, enable him/her to fully rely on You as You also protect his/her heart from worry. God. Let him/her look to You in this time of trouble. Give him/her the means to overcome these obstacles. in this trying time Be his/her comfort, Lord.

Allow him/her to gracefully endure each and every step As my friend undergoes this challenge. May Your Holy Spirit also be his/her constant reminder of his/her ultimate source of strength. Would you also grant him/her Your wisdom so that every decision he/she makes is a sound one? Guide his/her way, God, that they may always walk the right path. All these I pray in Your Name, Amen.


Prayer for Friend Who Is Sick

Dear Heavenly Father, to commit my good friend who has fallen ill, I come before You today. Whatever disease my friend has is nothing when compared to the power of Your Name. It also pains me when I see him/her laying in bed and struggling. He/She is in pain physically as well as emotionally

Dear Heavenly Father But I know, God, that You are the great Healer. May You ease his/her pain and be his/her comfort in this time of need. I ask You, dear Lord, to touch my friend with Your healing hands. Reveal Yourself and Your power in a very special, personal way to my friend today.


So I believe that You are also able to help my friend recover his/her health. Just as You were able to make the lame man walk, the blind man see, and the leper be healed, I know, Lord, that You alone are able to make miracles in the lives of those who are sick. through Your power, God I trust that my friend will be healed soon. These I pray in Your Name, Amen.

Prayer for a friend’s healing

You are bright like the sunlight, let hope fill her heart. You are warm like a blanket, wrap her safely inside. You are soft like a pillow, come comfort her (his) mind. You are healing, Lord Jesus in your name and power. You are cleansing like water, flood through and restore. You are soothing like birdsong, bring joy make her laugh.

Prayer for Healing


Almighty God, healing prayer with a sunset over still waters as a background Prayer for healing of cancer for a friend. You are love released and redeemed, You hold all things together. You are the beginning and the end. You are the power of life over death. You are the hope we ride upon You are the rock on which we stand.

Each part that has disorder Come and touch the cancerous cells Abba, Abba Father, be near my beloved friend. You are the one to whom we cry “Abba” Each mass that must go! Each fragment that needs to shrink Lord, we love you and we wait upon you. Amen.

hands holding a burning candle in dark like a heart

A prayer for a successful recovery after an operation

O Lord, Shut out the pain, the worry, and fear and wrap them up within your soft, gentle love. Be so close beside my dear one. Come whisper words of great hope into their hearts.
Please protect and keep him/her in your rest and care. Bless the efforts of the surgeons who have worked to bring life and healing to his/her body. May they know your presence close by each day. Amen.


How to Pray for a Friend in Need

May each day bring healing with the dawn, May angels surround your bed through the night. May you have rest and peace in your heart. As you find new strength and make a new start. May hope remain within your heart, Restore your energy, and heal your wounds.

To love and live and enjoy life again. I pray you’ll soon be well, Amen. Bible verses on God’s healing
(James 5:14, NIV) “Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord.”

(Psalm 41:3, NIV) “The Lord sustains them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness.”


(Psalm 103:2-4, NIV) “Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits- who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion”


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