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All you need to know about Breathable Nail Polish including different types and how to use!

All you need to know about Breathable Nail Polish including different types and how to use

The world of beauty and skincare is so wide that there are so many products specifically made for different parts of the body and sometimes some of those products like the breathable nail polish will leave you amazed or perhaps knock you off your feet.

To the typical mind, the Breathable Nail Polish will most likely sound strange considering the words; “breathable” and “nail polish” juxtaposed in a phrase. He might likely ask, do ladies now have nail polish that contains oxygen and carbon dioxide? You wouldn’t blame him for asking, would you? Maybe not.

If the number of products available in the skincare and beauty niche is to be studied in school as a course, perhaps no one will pass the course because they are so many but we will do you a favour by educating you about one out of many; The Breathable Nail Polish.

Breathable nail polish

Breathable Nail Polish is a unique nail polish that contains a polymer that allows air and water to pass through it. The technology behind this product let air and water pass through the polish such that it gets to your nails.

The Breathable Nail Polish is very different from conventional or traditional nail polish in the sense that the latter doesn’t allow anything whatsoever to go through the nail after the polish is applied to it. This is due to its tight molecular structure. Also, it tends to weaken and damage the nails in the long run.

However, breathable nail polish is a special breed because not only does it gives your manicure a long-lasting feel, it is also formulated with essential nutrients that protect the nails from getting damaged.

Halal and Breathable Nail Polish

“Halal” is an Islamic word that means permitted or lawful according to Islamic laws. It is used for things like food, meat, drinks as well as skincare products that are allowed to be used by Muslims.

Products that contain alcohol are prohibited according to Islamic law and they are not be used. Also, products made, manufactured, processed and stored in containers, utensils must have been cleansed according to Islamic law before use.

About beauty products, not all of them are allowed to used by Muslim women because of their alcoholic contents but in the case of the Breathable Nail Polish, it is permitted because it is free from alcohol.

Muslim women can use the Breathable Nail Polish because it allows air and water to pass through the nails and it doesn’t contain some prohibited elements such as alcohol.

The Muslim faith requires that all and sundry must wash before observing the mandatory five daily prayer session. This practice is knowing as “Wudu.”

Why you should consider using Breathable Nail Polish

1. Breathable Nail Polish dry faster than the regular ones you are used to. It dries within minutes of application to the nails.

2. It is far less toxic, unlike the conventional polish which contains harmful elements like camphor. Most breathable nail polishes are “7-10-Free” in the sense that they are free from 7-10 toxic elements which are mostly found in the traditional types.

3. They last longer than the regular polish. The oils underneath the regular polish lead to breakage because the oil doesn’t bind well with the oil preset. However, with the Breathable Nail Polish, the nails natural oils circulate easily which allows your manicure to last longer.

4.  The molecular structure of Breathable Nail Polish allows for microscopic water and air molecules to pass on through, which contribute to improved nail health.

5. Religious barrier is broken! Muslim women can now perform the “Wudu” in their worship centres with their breathable nail polish on.

How to use Breathable Nail Polish

It is always advisable to file and clean the mails with an alcohol-based solution to remove natural oils from the nails. Application is quite easy. For Instance, applying the Orly breathable nail polish is a one-step process; all you need to do is to apply “two coats of ORLY Breathable Treatment + Color to bare, clean nails.  No base coat or topcoat is needed.”

Which Breathable Nail Polish is best for you?

1. Nailberry “L’Oxygéné” breathable nail polish.

2. Tuesday in love breathable nail polish.

3. Orly Breathable Treatment + Color

4. Inglot O2M Breathable Nail Enamel

5. Nailpure Nail Polish

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