All you need to know about George Gradow husband of famous model Barbi Benton

All you need to know about George Gradow husband of famous model Barbi Benton 2

All you need to know about George Gradow husband of famous model Barbi Benton

The name George Gradow is one which is among the trends and many people want to know more about. In this write-up, the name George Gradow will be explained as well as his life, career, and family.


The name George Gradow is mainly very relevant because of Barbi Benton. Details about the birth of George Gradow are scarce, he was however born in the United States of America (USA). He stands at 5 foot 10 inches with brown eyes.

Geroge Gradow was born and raised in the United States of America belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. his parents were Jewish and he grew up in a Christian family.


George Gradow is a Real state developer by profession and is about 68 years old. he is the husband of Barbi Benton a famous model, actor, singer.

All you need to know about George Gradow husband of famous model Barbi Benton 3

Personal life

George Gradow married the former Playboy magazine model Barbie Benton On October 14th,1979. both share a common moral and view for life and The couple is enjoying each other’s company for decades. they have completed their 40-years of the marital relationship.


George Gradow and Barbi Benton have a blissful married life. The information related to their children and personal life is still kept a secret but we do know that George and Barbie share two children together.

Alexander Gradow their first was born in August 1986 and Ariana Gradow their second was born in July 1988.  Before we dive more into George Gradwo, let’s take a look at his wife Barbie Benton.

Barbie Benton was born Barbara Lynn Klein in New York on the 28th of January 1950 which means she is also 71 years old as of 2021 writing this article. She was in California United States of America (USA) where she moved with her parents at the age of just two years old.

Her mother was a speculative advocate while her father was a military specialist. She went to Rio Americano High School, in Sacramento, California. She graduated and went to the University of California, Los Angeles where she would drop out.


All you need to know about George Gradow husband of famous model Barbi Benton 4

She currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Her Religion is Judaism. She stands at 1.61 m and weighs approximately 56 kg with Green eyes while her hair is Brunette.

Barbi gained much Popularity For her performance in the comedy series Hee Haw . for her modeling work with Playboy she also acquired more fame.
she has two children Alexander Benton Gradow her son and Ariana Gradow her daughter.

Barbi Benton began her profession While was in University. she became a Playboy model Within two years. Barbi showed up at Playboy’s excitement show Playboy After Dark At the beginning of her career.


Many times in 1969, 1970, 1972, and 1985 Barbi appeared at the front of the Playboy magazine. Barbi took the rest of her time to focus on her parents During her prime.

Through its most wired collaboration with the founder of the Playboy magazine called Hugh Hefner She has won numerous awards. she has millions of people’s hearts being among the top Playboy models in the 1970s.

Barbi Benton consolidated her acting profession. Being a vocation-driven woman. The Naughty Cheerleader a 1970 comedy film was her original appearance. Her critical album was released in 1975 named Brass Buckles.

Along with her acting and modeling career, she has a few hit singles and has issued eight melodic albums as her tunes were financially successful under the Playboy Music Label.


Barbie Benton was in a relationship with Hugh Hefner founder of Playboy magazine Before she married George. George doesn’t think much about it but he appreciates remaining under the radar.

Barbi is now moving on with an elegant way of life after she has accumulated a huge fortune. they both seem to support and care for each other as along with his beautiful wife Barbie Benton George is enjoying his lavish life.

As a successful American land master George Gradow cheerfully struck Barbi Benton. in the late’ 70s The pair had a short relationship. in her vocation Barbie Bento was a gifted entertainer who had recorded tremendous achievements before they met.

One of their mutual friends introduced George Gradow to Barbi Menton in 1976 while she was modeling for Playboy magazine. George and Barbi started dating after they introduced them although they initially became friends.


In New York City on 14th October 1979 finally got married living cheerfully for four decades and counting From that point on. George Gradow and Barbie Benton have three houses near Los Angeles and Aspen, Colorado.

All you need to know about George Gradow husband of famous model Barbi Benton 5

George Gradow

Due to obstruction of income taxes from the revenue, he was making from his estate business John was sentenced to 15 months On April 27, 2006. after paying the fine of $130,000 for violating Revenue Service and an additional $500 as court charge He got bailed out.


From her modeling and successful music albums from Playboy, Label Barbie Benton has a net worth of $20 million. they have a net worth of around $70 million as George Gradow has a net worth of around $50 million as of 2020 being A real estate developer.

From his profession as a real estate developer, He amassed this hefty fortune. The story of George Gradow and Barbi Benton is one that shows two people coming together to become a power couple.

George and Barbi both from different backgrounds and different ideologies have withstood the test of life and marriage. It all started out with Barbi carving a niche for herself in the famous American entertainment industry where she was able to participate in various elements.

She started off in what would be a multi-million brand in the future which was the playboy magazine as an aspiring model. Later in the future, she would discover that she can do so many things such as singing which led to numerous successful albums and single hits.


Also, she ventured into the acting scene, with various movies making her a darling to the masses. George Gradow on the other hand was able to stay out of the spotlight and build an empire in real estate development.


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  1. Interesting read. George was a close friend. We attended JC in San Francisco together and I had a lot of fun hanging out with him. Glad he is well and enjoying llife. I visited him in LA during the 1960s but was unable to stay with him because I was still engaged to a dentist there and was had explained to George I was trying to break it off…finally did but then met and married an attorney in San Francisco.

  2. So… you’re aware that the photo of George dancing with a tall brunette isn’t of him and Barbie, right? He’s dancing with Karen Gilmore. It’s easily checked out if you look on Getty images for pics of George taken by paparazzi Ron Gallela.

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