Phyllis Smith biography: All you need to about the “Office” star actor

Phyllis Smith biography: All you need to about the "Office" star actor 2

Phyllis Smith is an actress and casting associate from the United States. She is well recognized for her long-running role as Phyllis Vance in the television show ‘The Office.’ Phyllis started her career as a casting associate before moving on to ‘The Office.’ 

Phyllis Smith, known for her role in the office, is a name people want to know about. In this write-up, we shall take a detailed look as to who Phyllis Smith is and why there is a need to know more about her.

Profile Summary

  • Full name: Phyllis Smith
  • Birthday: July 10, 1951
  • Phyllis Smith Age: 68 years old
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches (1 m 75 cm)
  • Nationality: American
  • Birthplace: The Hill, St. Louis, Missouri, United States
  • Occupation: Actress, casting associate
  • Mother: Glenda Smith

Phyllis Smith Background

Phyllis Smith is popularly known for her long-running role of ‘Phyllis Vance’ in the series ‘The Office.’. She is an American actor and casting associate.

Phyllis Smith was born in a neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri called The Hill on the 10th of July 1951 which makes her 68 years old.

Not much is known about her parents or their professions but of 10 children brought up by her parents, She is the second.

How old is Phyllis Smith?

She was born on the 10th of July, 1951. Therefore, she is 68 years old at the moment. She will be 69 years in about a month’s time.

Phyllis Smith Education and Career

Phyllis Smith is known for when she worked for The Office But Phyllis began her career as a casting associate. She was also awarded for her breakthrough performance on the show.

phyllis smith

A few of her initial roles were uncredited even though She has also worked in a handful of films. Phyllis was cast as Lynn in Bad Teacher In 2011 alongside ball-busting Cameron Diaz as her sweet sidekick.

It all came about when a writer asked her to audition for the part while Phyllis was in hair and makeup for The Office.

Speaking about Phyllis’s portrayal of Lynn Cameron said, “I saw the tape, and you are this person.”

She is known for lending her voice to ‘Sadness’ in ‘Inside Out. The opportunity not only made her popular with children but transformed her financial situation for the better.

Phyllis has since had a few voice roles under her belt. Phyllis has never married and lives happily with her six pets.

She featured her in the role of a school teacher part of the ‘Netflix’ series ‘The OA,’ Phyllis’s knowledge of the acting world paid off big time in her first shot at fame in NBC’s The Office after years of being a “normal” woman working in an office and later as a casting assistant.

Phyllis Smith biography: All you need to about the "Office" star actor 3

Phyllis graduated from the ‘University of Missouri–St. Louis,’ majoring in elementary education In 1972. she was a cheerleader member of ‘St. Louis Cardinals’ which is now known as the ‘Arizona Cardinals’ football team Around the same time of her graduation.

She has performed ballet with ‘The St. Louis Dance Theater’ and the ‘St. Louis Civic Ballet.’ She was a burlesque performer till the 1980s. Phyllis was also a professional jazz dancer and worked under the mentorship of Raoul Appel.

Phyllis, who loves to dance and has been following her passion since the age of 7. She stopped dancing after she hit her late-30s. She had to, unfortunately, quit after sustaining a knee injury.

She focused on dancing where she danced for two companies in St. Louis and in San Diego.

She still loves to dance when there’s music playing even though sadly for Smith a few injuries ended her professional dancing career.

She has toured with a Vaudeville burlesque show and with Able’s ‘Baggy Pants Burlesque.’ Phyllis has traveled to several parts of the US As a dancer.

Phyllis Smith biography: All you need to about the "Office" star actor 4

She showcased her comedy skills in the ‘Mercer Brothers’ show ‘Giggles Galore. Phyllis took up a job as a telemarketer after working for 3 hours she resigned.

She then began her career as an actor and a casting crew when she then moved to Hollywood, California. we’ve all fallen in love with her portrayal as Phyllis Vance on The Office.

What led her to the successful career she has today was when Phyllis moved to Hollywood to work behind-the-scenes in the acting world, which is something she never imagined for herself.

She was reading lines with potential actors for The Office when writers realized how much potential Smith could add to the cast. she worked in the casting department for 19 years which led to her being cast as Phyllis Vance on The Office.

We see everyone working in the background at their desks In many of the scenes of The Office. Phyllis said she was doing her own taxes and she created her own Christmas cards while on set and did her own work.

She said her favorite Phyllis Vance moments were in “Secret Santa” when her character finally got a chance to play Santa Claus.

Phyllis Smith

Speaking about for almost 20 years, with so many actors and actresses, Smith said, “Evidently, I was honing a craft I didn’t know I would ever use or need.”

“But when you think about it, when you’re reading with actors on a daily basis, you can see what works and what doesn’t, are they telling the truth, do you believe them?”

Angela Kinsey (Angela) and Jenna Fischer (Pam) talked about the episode Basketball According to The Office Ladies podcast both noted how athletic Phyllis was and how good she was at basketball.

Phyllis was incredibly athletic and shocked her co-stars with her surprise talents Whenever there was any kind of game or physical activity.

When she was shopping in Target and an Office fan approached her from another aisle She knew she made it big.

It makes sense that fans of Smith’s would be interested in a book With so many celebrities writing memoirs about their lives and releasing never-heard-before stories.

Phyllis Smith

About the possibility of her writing a book after someone approached her about it, she wouldn’t rule out the option of a memoir and said, “I’m very blessed and grateful. It’s like I’m a normal person with an extraordinary journey”

The story of Phyllis Smith is one which many people want to know more about based on her personality and strive for greatness.

Phyllis Smith is so relatable and beloved by fans which is what makes fans want to know more about her is that her celebrity hasn’t gone to her head.

She’s even more relatable because she was a normal girl before making it big by accident. She revealed she has her own personal “fan club and she still shops at Target.

Phyllis Smith Net Worth: How rich is she?

According to Celebrity Net Worth,  Phyllis Smith has a net worth of $7 million.

Phyllis Smith Husband: Who is he?

Phyllis was married to the rich Bob Vance, the CEO of Vance Refrigeration, in “The Office.” The actress wants to keep her personal life private in real life.

This implies that no information about her husband or children, as well as any other parts of her personal life, is publicly visible. All we know about Smith is that she is a career-driven woman who has worked hard her entire life to pursue her professional goals.

Many fans of “The Office” remember Phyllis Smith and her charming character, who had some of the show’s most memorable lines. Hopefully, she will be as successful in her future ventures as she was in this one.


Phyllis Smith is the definition of someone whose hard work made her a well-known name in Hollywood.

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