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Andy Dalton Wife: 10 things to know about Jordan Dalton, wife of NFL Quarter-Back 

Andy Dalton Wife: 10 things to know about Jordan Dalton, wife of NFL Quarter-Back  2

In this article, we shall be exploring the details of Andy Dalton’s wife who is known as Jordan Dalton. She is known for helping people live a better life through her foundation but she is best known as the wife of Andy Dalton. 

This article takes a look at her background, education, career, family among other details or information that should be of use to you. We shall also share vital details about Andy Dalton: his background, career and net worth are among the information we will share with you in this post. 

Who is Jordan Dalton? 

Jordan Dalton is an American homemaker and generous philanthropist. She is the wife of famous NFL quarterback Andy Dalton. She co-founded and serves as vice president of the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation, which is highly motivated by their Christian faith and works to improve the lives of sick or physically challenged children and their families.


Where is Jordan Dalton from? 

Charles Douglas and Jeanie Barnhill Jones gave birth to Jordan Dalton in Texas, America, on May 4, 1986. She is well-known and well-liked for her altruistic nature, which inspired her to establish the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation, a philanthropic organization that has been working to assist physically disabled or ill children, as well as their families, since 2012. 

Andy Dalton Wife

She was raised in a white Christian family and was raised in a stringent Christian faith, which she still practices today. She has a brother named Doug Jones. 

She was raised alongside her brother Doug Jones in a rigorous Christian home where she was raised as a white Christian, a faith to which she still clings.


Social Media 

She has over 30k followers on Instagram, where she is quite active, and she is engaged on Twitter as well.

Jordan Dalton’s Husband Andy Dalton 

She is very busy with Andy. Gregory Dalton, also known as On October 29, 1987, in Katy, Texas, Andy Dalton was conceived. He presently competes for the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. Even in college, where he first encountered Jordan, Dalton had always expressed his passion for football. His career began with a college game in 2011, and from there, he moved on to play for the Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, and, most recently, the Chicago Bears. 

Andy Dalton Wife

He shares the same strict Christian beliefs as his wife and is the father of Finley Dalton, a daughter, and Noah and Nash Dalton, two boys. He also founded the Andy & Jordan Foundation, and like Jordan, he is a wonderful philanthropist. 


How did Jordan and Andy Dalton meet? 

Jordan and Andy were best friends in college; she met him during her last year at TCU. They grew close and devoted to one another quickly. Soon after, they became betrothed, and in 2011, Andy’s football career with the Cincinnati Bengals officially began.  

Since that time, their partnership has been blissful, and they have three lovely children. They have benefited from Andy’s football success and Jordan’s active efforts, as well as the many struggling families that their admirable philanthropic foundation has served and continues to serve. 

Andy Dalton Wife: 10 things to know about Jordan Dalton, wife of NFL Quarter-Back  3

Jordan calls her wedding day the “best day,” as she knew from that point forward that “we were going to spend our lives together.” 


Their first kid, Noah, who is featured prominently on her social media, was born three years later. Finley and Nash both arrived on the scene in 2017.

Net Worth 

Andy Dalton’s net worth is 35 million dollars. He is an American professional football quarterback. He is most well-known for his nine-year NFL career with the Cincinnati Bengals. Andy made $83.5 million in salary alone during those nine seasons.

He played for Cincinnati for the next nine seasons. Dalton got a four-year, $5.2 million contract after being drafted. In 2014, he agreed to a six-year extension that could have been worth up to $115 million depending on incentives. The Bengals dismissed Andy in April 2020. He had earned $83.5 million in salary from the team up to that time.


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