Dipika Dutt: How the Twitch star almost recruited Indiana Pacers Miles Turner to the LA Lakers. 

<strong>Dipika Dutt: How the Twitch star almost recruited Indiana Pacers Miles Turner to the LA Lakers. </strong> 2

Dipika Dutt might not be well-known like Jeff Schwartz, Rich Paul, or Mark Bartelstein in terms of negotiating NBA trade deals but she almost used her charm in recruiting Indiana Pacers Miles Turner for the Los Angeles Lakers last year. 

In this post, we will share who she is, what she does, her net worth and how she almost pulled the deal through which got a lot of attention online. 

Who is Dipika Dutt? 

Dipika Dutt

Dipika Dutt, an American TikTok celebrity, basketball content producer, gamer, and streamer, is well-known for her contributions to the sport of basketball. Her itspikaaaaa account now has over 1.1 million subscribers. She frequently discusses basketball players and shares her views and perspectives on the sport. Dipika Dutt was born on August 30, 1997, in, the United States. Dipika Dutt will be 26 years old in 2023. 

She was born in the territory of California. She was born on August 30, 1997. She is very active on her Instagram account, itspikaaa. She was a huge fan of the legendary basketball star Kobe Bryant. She is also a big fan of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Her interests include reading, photography, learning, travelling, and internet surfing, to mention a few.

She was featured in a TikTok video with Rapper Lil Troy’s “Wanna Be a Baller” track. 

Dipika Dutt Net Worth 

Dipika Dutt
Dipika Dutt and Miles Turner

Dipika Dutt’s exact net worth is unknown at the moment but online sources posit that her net worth should be between $100k and $1m. The average Twitch star in the United States earns at least $3,000 weekly according to a report online. 

Social Media 

She is active on Twitch and Instagram. She has over a million subscribers on Twitch while over 200,000 people follow her on her Instagram page. 

How Dipika Dutt the Twitch star almost recruited Indiana Pacers Miles Turner to the LA Lakers. 

Myles Turner trended on social media last year around the trade deadline for his recent antics with Tik Tok star Dipika Dutt, who has over a million fans on her profile. Turner invited the well-known social media star to supper, but Dutt had already set the terms. She invited him to join the Los Angeles Lakers if he wanted to go out to dinner with her. The Lakers have yet to make a significant move for him, but Dutt has chosen to remain calm.

The conversation between the two abruptly changed course when Turner inquired if 10,000 likes on the video would be enough for him to take her out to dinner. Dutt wanted 20,000 likes and doubled it. Turner then brought the Indiana Pacers point guard into the discussion, posting a video with 15,000 likes requesting Dutt to finalize a contract.

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