Ann Sinnott: All you need to know about the director and founder of Authentic Equity Alliance

Ann Sinnott: All you need to know about the director and founder of Authentic Equity Alliance 2

Ann Sinnott Career

Ann Sinnottt is the founder and director of Authentic Equity Alliance
Ann was a Cambridge City Councillor for over four years. She served on several committees, including Community Services Chair and Vice Chair of Strategy & Resources.

Ann was also the Lead Councillor for Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence, and she was instrumental in the council making domestic violence/abuse a strategic priority. Ann established the Cambridge Community Forum on Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence, as well as the Mawson Road Mosque Neighbourhood Forum.

Ann was re-elected for a fourth four-year term in May 2018. She found out five weeks later that Cambridge City Council’s equality policy violated the 2010 Equality Act. After verifying the allegation, Ann repeatedly urged the council to rescind its policy and rewrite it to comply with the law.

Ann Sinnott resigned her council seat after the council refused. Following Ann’s formal complaint to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Cambridge City Council amended its equality policy to comply with the Equality Act.

Ann was honored to be one of only six women shortlisted for the 2020 Emma Humphreys Memorial in November 2020.

Ann Sinnott previous engagements

Journalism. Ann was a health columnist who also wrote features and reviews for regional and national publications. Later in life, she combined freelance journalism with motherhood.

Administration and management. Ann worked as an operations manager and senior administrator for several departments and divisions at the University of Cambridge, including Immunology, Neurosurgery, and the Gender Equality Network.

Event administration. Ann has organized and managed a number of festivals, conferences, talks, and other events.

Media and public speaking. Ann has spoken at conferences and other events, and she has appeared on television and radio.

Ann has written and edited several books.

Is Anna Sinnott married?

Ann Sinnott is most likely married with kids or probably grandkids. Her marita or details are not available for public consumption.

Social Media

Anna Sinnott is active in Twitter and she have over 8,000 followers on her page.

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