Bad Bunny net worth: Background, age, career, girlfriend

Bad Bunny net worth: Background, age, career, girlfriend 2

Bad Bunny is a famous Puerto Rican reggaeton and trap musician. He is regarded as the greatest trap musician working today. Despite the fact that his tracks are primarily in Spanish or Latin, well-known artists like Enrique Iglesias have included Bad Bunny in their songs. Additionally, he is credited with popularizing Latin trap among music fans all over the world. When DJ Luian of “Hear This Music” heard his song “Diles,” he became well-known as a trap vocalist.

Bad Bunny net worth: Background, age, career, girlfriend 3
Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny net worth

Rapper, singer, and composer Bad Bunny, who is from Puerto Rico, has an estimated net worth of $18 million in wealth. Within a relatively short amount of time, Bunny rose to popularity in a spectacular way. With a total of 8 billion streams of his songs in 2020, Bad Bunny was the most streamed musician in the entire planet. His music is often categorized as “Latin rap” or reggaeton, however he has also experimented with rock, bachata, and soul. In addition to his distinctive sense of flair, Bad Bunny is renowned for his slurred vocal delivery.

Where is Bad Bunny from?

Benito Antonio Martnez Ocasio, better known as Bad Bunny, was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on March 10, 1994. His parents Lysaurie Ocasio Declet and Benito Martnez raised Bad Bunny. His mother Lysaurie is a school teacher, and his father Martnez is a truck driver. Along with his two younger siblings, Bad Bunny grew up in Vega Baja.

Bad Bunny net worth: Background, age, career, girlfriend 4

After hearing an album by the renowned reggaeton artist Vico C, he began singing at a very young age. He knew he wanted to be a singer by the time he was five years old. He began writing songs at the age of 13, and some of them he even produced.


Bad Bunny studied audiovisual communication at “The University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo.” He left the institution, though, in order to concentrate entirely on his musical career. He started working as a bagger at a nearby supermarket to help pay his bills. He was concentrating on his music production at the same time.


A song called “Diles” was written and recorded by Bad Bunny and posted to the online audio sharing service SoundCloud. Many others, including the musician DJ Luian, heard the tune. Bad Bunny’s vocal prowess intrigued Luian, who went on to sign him. He began working with well-known musicians and established himself as a consistent artist for the record label “Hear this Music.”

He collaborated with Colombian musician J Balvin in 2017, and the result was the appearance of their song “Si Tu Novio Te Deja Sola” on Balvin’s successful album. Another song by Becky G called “Mayores” also had Bad Bunny. A booking agreement with “Cardenas Marketing Network” was eventually signed by Bad Bunny in the same year (CMN).

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The song “Sensualidad,” which he later co-wrote with Prince Royce and J Balvin, peaked at number ten on the “Hot Latin Songs” list. Additionally, in November 2017, he released his single “T No Metes Cabra,” which peaked at number 38 on the chart for “Hot Latin Songs.”
Collaborations between the rapper and well-known musicians helped him gain fame.

He ultimately rose to prominence as one of the most in-demand trap musicians and began attracting fans from around the world. With more than four billion YouTube views, Bad Bunny also rose to fame. Additionally, he has a sizable fan base on his own Instagram account. Bad Bunny receives 5.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Personal Life

He launched a campaign to save a young boy’s life in January 2018. The youngster needed a heart transplant, so he utilized his fame to gather money for him. Additionally, Bad Bunny gave $100,000 to help save the boy.

Wrestling is something he loves a lot. His Instagram profile is filled with several images and videos of wrestlers. He has posted a lot of photos that were taken with Goldberg and Ronda Rousey, two of the biggest stars in the WWE. Ric Flair, a former wrestler, made an appearance in one of his music videos.

Awards and Achievements

Not only have many of his tracks reached different music charts, but they have also received nominations for significant awards. His song “Si Tu Novio Te Deja Sola” received nominations for “Best Urban Song” and “Best Urban Performance” at the Latin Grammy Awards. In 2017, one of his pieces was nominated for a “Premios Juventud” award.

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As a result of his collaborations with numerous well-known bands, he is one of the preferred artists. Nicki Minaj, Arcángel, Enrique Iglesias, Daddy Yankee, and Nicky Jam are just a few of the well-known musicians that the rapper has previously collaborated with.

Social Media

He is on Instagram and he has over 200,000 followers.

Bad Bunny girlfriend

Bad Bunny is currently dating Gabriela Berlingeri.

Benito Antonio Martnez Ocasio, better known by his stage name Bad Bunny, was recently seen out and about in Miami with his girlfriend. He had a very busy week because he attended the Met Gala 2022 and raced in the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Miami on Sunday.

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The singer for Moscow Mule required some downtime. The paparazzi photographed Bunny and Gabriela when they were relaxing on a Miami beach. The couple unwinding in a VIP cabana at the opulent Faena Miami Beach.

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