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Callie Scheffler: 6 things to know about the elder sister of popular PGA Golfer Scottie Scheffler

Callie Scheffler: 6 things to know about the elder sister of popular PGA Golfer Scottie Scheffler 2

Callie Scheffler is the elder sister of American golfer Scottie Scheffler who is the current world number 1. Although Callie Scheffler feeds off the popularity of her junior brother, there is more about her you probably don’t know about. Callie has been of great support to her brother in his career so far.

This post will unravel some details about Callie Scheffler. Details as regards her background, parents, and career, among other vital information will be shared in this post. 


Also, we shall share important information on Scottie Scheffler with you. You will get to know his wife, his career progress, net worth, achievements, and so on. 

Here are the six things you probably don’t know about Callie Scheffler

1. She was born in New Jersey

Callie Scheffler, the elder sister of the famous golfer Scottie Scheffler was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey, United States alongside his brother. However, their family moved to Dallas, Texas after the unfortunate September 9, 2003 attacks in the United States. 

2. Callie Scheffler’s Age is unknown 

Her exact age is not on record as of the time of this publication. Our online sources didn’t provide any information about how old she is or when she celebrates her birthday. Reports only say she is the elder sister of Scottie Scheffler who is 28 years old as of 2023. 


Callie Scheffler

3. Callie is also a Golfer

Callie Scheffler is also a golfer. She played while she was in school. According to The New York Post, the Texas A&M University alumnus played on the college golf team. Similarly, she recently served as president of the Texas A&M Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

During Callie’s sophomore year in 2014-2015, she was named to the SEC Commissioner’s Honor Roll and the SEC Community Service Team. In her junior and senior years, she was named to the SEC Community Service Team as well as the SEC Academic Honor Roll.


Scottie has described his sister Callie as a comforting figure for him. This sister and brother team is often referred to as a dynamic duo SAP Athletes.

4. She once served as her brother’s Caddie 

At the 2016 US Open competition where Scottie played as an amateur, his sister Callie Scheffler served as his Caddie. Caddie is someone who helps a golfer with his clubs and provides assistance during a match. They became the first brother-sister duo to win the same tournament at the 2011 Bluebonnet Championship.

5. Callie is married

Callie Scheffler is a married woman. She is married to Andrew Paysse who is also a golfer. They have both been married for a while now and it seems they are still expecting their first child together. 


6. She is not on Instagram 

Callie Scheffler, even though she is a popular figure is not on Instagram and she does not have a Wikipedia page yet. Maybe this is because she does not share a lot of information about herself with the media. She appears to be very private. 

7. Net Worth is Vague

Callie Scheffler has not revealed how much she is worth neither has any source confirmed her exact net worth. But then, she also a golfer and she competes in competitions so she must have earned a decent amount of wealth over the years. 

Callie Scheffler: 6 things to know about the elder sister of popular PGA Golfer Scottie Scheffler 3

8. Scottie Scheffler net worth is over $10m 

Scottie Scheffler has made a fortune from his career. According to CK Knowledge, his net worth is around $15 million. The winner of the Masters added to his fortune from his golfing career. Furthermore, endorsements helped him to increase his net worth significantly. He has received endorsements from major companies such as Netjets, Veritex, Community Bank, and Rolex.


Scottie Scheffler’s annual salary is estimated to be around $1.5 million. The prize money he won on the PGA Tour has added significantly to the American golfer’s fortune. In 2022, he won four tournaments and earned approximately $14 million for the season.

9. Scottie Scheffler siblings and wife 

Scottie Scheffler is one of Scott Scheffler and Diane’s four children. He has three younger sisters. Scottie was born in and raised in New Jersey. He has, however, completed his graduation from Texas.

The Masters champion is married to his high school sweetheart, Meredith Scheffler. The couple will marry in 2020.


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