#Coronavirus: Why the Premier League should end the season and declare Liverpool champions

The spread of the Corona Virus across various parts of the world has taken a huge toll on the daily lives of people as well as sporting activities. A good number of sports leagues have been suspended in the last few weeks and the Premier League is no exception. The governing body of the league announced that the league will go on suspension until April 3 at least as the world continues to monitor the spread of the Corona Virus which claimed over 5,ooo lives globally according to reports.

For fans of the Premier League, they are caught in between two options; should the 2019/2020 premier league season be canceled or should the title be given to Liverpool since the Reds are on top of the league at the moment with 82 points? This is a growing debate among Premier league fans and it continues to divide opinions on social media and other football forums online.

Liverpool-Corona Virus

Liverpool fans obviously won’t mind the second option for obvious reasons:

  • The Reds have been the best in the league so far by all parameters available to judge. Jurgen Klopp’s men came into the league on the back of winning their sixth European title and also won the FIFA World Cup Championship in style. By Extension, they have been the best team in Europe for the last 18 months.

Breaking: Coronavirus postpones Liverpool’s victory dance as Premier League is suspended until April 3

  • Although a win equals 3 points but if the scoring system changes to 2, Liverpool will still be on top of the league at this point in time with 59 points, one ahead of Manchester City’s 57. They have been that unbelievable in the league this season.

Liverpool-Corona Virus

  • The Reds went on a 44 matches unbeaten from last season to this current season which just three matches away from Arsenal’s record of 47. The Reds also equaled Manchester City’s record 18 consecutive wins in the Premier League. Only a side with Championship mentality could have achieved this feat in grand style.
  • Liverpool are just six points away from winning their first Premier League title since its inception in 1992 and with 10 matches left to go, it would have taken something beyond the ordinary for the Reds not to get maximum points against any of these sides: Everton, Crystal Palace, Manchester City, Brighton, Burnley, Chelsea, Arsenal and Newcastle United.

Liverpool-Premier League

Football is not mathematics and there is every possibility that Liverpool could have lost the league in the last stages of the season just like they did in the 2013/2014 season. Agreed! However, Liverpool was not 25 points clear of the league table at that time.

In all fairness, no team deserves to win the Premier League title this season except the Red side of Merseyside.

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