Lampard, Scholes or Gerrard: Who was the better midfielder in their prime?

Lampard, Scholes or Gerrard: At their prime, who was the better midfielder

England once had three generational midfield maestro’s in Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, and Paul Scholes all in the national team set up. They played for different sides in the Premier League which fueled their rivalry and eve after retirement the questions continue to be asked about who was the best when they were in the Prime.

To settle this debate, we have to look at stats, facts, and achievements removing all sentiments


1 World XI nominations

Lampard was nominated 8 times

Gerrard was nominated 8 times

Scholes was nominated 2 times

2 UEFA Team of the Year

Gerrard made the team in three different years

Lampard and Scholes never made the team

3 UEFA player of the year

Gerrard won in 2005

Lampard and Scholes never won

4 Ballon d’Or awards

Gerrard 3rd in 2005

Lampard 2nd in 2005

Scholes never made the top three

Statistics (Premier League)

Gerrard – Goals 102, assists 92 in 504 appearances for Liverpool

Lampard –  Goals 177, assists 102 in 609 appearances for Chelsea and West Ham

Scholes – Goals 107, assists 55 in 499 appearances for Manchester United

Titles (Premier League and Champions League)

Gerrard – Premier League 0 and Champions League 1

Lampard – Premier League 3 and Champions League 1

Scholes – Premier League 11 and Champions League 2


Gerrard could play anywhere in midfield and leads all Lampard and Scholes in defensive duties completing more tackles, interceptions, clearances, recoveries, and duels won was a true captain, had good long balls while also contributing in goal.

Lampard was a statistics player who checked all boxes with goals, assists, and box to box play but was not versatile.

Scholes has fewer goals than Lampard and Gerrard because he was not the designated penalty taker. Scholes was versatile and his most admirable quality was his ability to dictate the tempo of the game.

These are their stats, awards ad accolades, who was the best in the prime?

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