Jose Mourinho joins in Tottenham Hotspur’s COVID-19 food deliveries! (See Pictures)

Jose Mourinho joins in Tottenham Hotspur's COVID-19 food deliveries! (See Pictures) 2

As the fight against COVID-19 rages on, sport clubs, personalities among others have been donating and distributing food and other relief items to neighbouring communities to help in the COVID-19 efforts and Jose Mourinho is not an exception.

The Tottenham Hotspur manger aside from his video message urging people to stay safe and stay home as also joined in delivering food items to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium’s food hub.

Jose Mourinho was seen stocking up crates of food items in a car and then delivering them to the food center at his club’s stadium.

See pictures below 👇

Source: B/R Football (Twitter)

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