Derek Jamal Boykin: 2023 update on San Jose man charged for sexual assault on 17 years old teenage girl 

Derek Jamal Boykin: 2023 update on San Jose man charged for sexual assault on 17 years old teenage girl  2

There are so many ways of becoming popular, especially online. While some are desirable, others are not. Unfortunately, Derek Jamal Boykin chose the latter and his name has refused to leave the internet since he got arrested in April 2022 in San Jose. 

In this post, we will share what we know about the incident which happened in March 2022. We shall also attempt to provide answers to some pertinent questions that have been asked online since the incident happened. 

What happened to Derek Jamal Boykin?

Derek Jamal Boykin, a 38 yearsold man from San Jose was arrested in April 2022 by the police after he was charged with a serious crime. 

Following the release of a video of the attack this week, police confirmed on Tuesday that a man was arrested in connection with the attempted sexual assault of a 17-year-old girl in front of an elementary school late last month.

The attack occurred on Steinbeck Drive, near Steinbeck Elementary School, a few blocks east of Santa Teresa Boulevard, around 3 p.m. on March 24. A man “violently assaulted” the girl, according to police, before abruptly walking away. People who witnessed the assault rushed to the girl’s aid and dialed 911.

According to police, the man was discovered a short time later by responding officers thanks to the information provided by the victim and witnesses. 

Dereck Jamal Boykin, 39, was arrested and charged with multiple felonies for sexual assault, including attempted rape.

Is Dereck Jamal Boykin still in jail? 

According to jail records, Boykin is being held without bail in the Santa Clara County Main Jail.

Derek Jamal Boykin

The attack and arrest were initially kept quiet. Some residents of an adjacent apartment complex said they were shocked by the news and learned about it only this week when a video of the attack was briefly posted and shared on Facebook.

Some residents complained that the property’s management did not notify them until Tuesday morning after the video began to circulate and residents began to inquire about it. A police tweet confirming the arrest was also posted on Tuesday, April 12, 2022. 

This news organization obtained a copy of the building’s email notification: 

“Recently an assault occurred on the public sidewalk of Steinbeck Drive outside of our community’s locked gate. The incident, which was reported by the victim, was captured by a resident’s Ring camera, and has been turned over to San Jose Police.” 

How old is Derek Jamal Boykin 

Derek Jamal Boykin is 38 years old. He will be 39 this year. He is most likely to be a native of San Jose. No background records about him are available online at the moment. 

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