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Don’t Borrow Money to Buy Sallah Ram – Imam Tells Muslims ahead of Sallah Celebration


The Chief Imam of Ar-razaq Mosque Tanke in Ilorin, Muhammad Adewoyin has warned Muslim against borrowing to fulfil the obligation of borrowing to fulfil the obligation of sacrificing an animal during sallah.

“Borrowing to fulfil this obligation is a way of imposing an unnecessary financial burden on oneself. Salah is not an opportunity to show off affluence or materialism, he said.

The Imam, however, told journalist that sacrificing an animal during the sallah celebration is a way of being obedient and devoted to Allah.


Mr Adeowoyin who is also the also the principal assistant registrar at the University of Ilorin said while Islam permits believers to celebrate with friends and families, caution must be taken and reckless spending and frivolities must be avoided.

“However, Muslims are expected to spend responsibly during the Salah celebration,”

Mr. Adewoyin’s statement emphasizes the importance of practicing prudence and moderation during the celebration of Sallah (Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha) among Muslims in Nigeria. He highlights that it is not necessary for Muslims to buy new clothes or spend lavishly to celebrate the occasion.


This sentiment aligns with the Islamic teachings of modesty and simplicity. Islam encourages its followers to prioritize spiritual values and the well-being of others over materialistic pursuits. Therefore, it is not obligatory for Muslims to engage in extravagant spending or purchasing new clothes as a requirement for celebrating Sallah.

The federal government on Monday 26th declared Wednesday 28th and 29th as public holidays for celebration of Sallah.


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