ESPN presenter Cari Champion’s background, net worth and relationship status

ESPN presenter Cari Champion's background, net worth and relationship status 2

“What a man can do, a woman can do better.” That popular saying shouldn’t sound strange as it mostly used in exonerating women like Cari Champion who have done exceptionally well in a field or profession that is mostly dominated by the male folks.

The commonplace narrative would have been, “Cari Champion’s husband must have been very supportive of her to this success in her career.”

Well, who Cari Champion’s husband or boyfriend is, is one of many questions her fans wants answers to. While some celebrities tend to reveal details about their private lives for fans to feast on others chose to try as much as possible to conceal it. Unfortunately, Cari Champion beings to the second group of celebrities.

ESPN presenter Cari Champion's background, net worth and relationship status 3

However, we have some information about her share with you, her background, education, career, net worth as well as a possible clue as regards who Cari Champion’s husband is.

Background and Education

Cari Champion is one of the most revered broadcast journalist and sportscaster in the United States. She was born on the 1st of June 1975 in Pasadena, California to her parents Mariah and Dylan Champion. She spent her junior year in Washington D.C. and did an internship at CNN. Champion bagged her graduate degree from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1998. She graduated in English and minors in Mass Communications.


Cari Champion started her broadcasting career at a good number of television stations at the initial stage.  She moved to West Virginia for her first reporting job but she complained of the work conditions there even though she admitted that she liked it nonetheless because she had always wanted to be a reporter.

Cari Champion

“I was a one-man-band carrying a camera and a tripod and that was God-awful. But I loved it because I wanted to do it. I always wanted to be a reporter.”

She also worked at Orange County Newschannel in Santa Ana, California before joining WPTV-TV in West Palm Beach, Florida as a reporter as well.

Cori also worked for Atlanta’s WGCL-TV. In 2009, out of 50, she was chosen to join the Tennis Channel. Cori is fond of Tennis and she once hosted Court Report news segment. Sometimes in 2007, she was sacked from her job for allegedly using a profane word on air. However, she appealed her sack as she claimed that the Floor Director didn’t cue her and her co-actor that their microphone was one while they were off-air.

She said;

I called the screenwriter a ‘mothersucka’, not the f-bomb.

She was later rehired in January 2008 but left shortly after in March for a broadcasting job outside of Atlanta.

Cori Champion joined ESPN in 2012 and she hosted a quite a handful of shows including the ESPN’s flagship programme; SportsCenter before she left in February 2020. She currently works with Vice on Tv Network. She is a staunch fan of the current NBA champions; The Los Angeles Lakers

Who is Cari Champion’s Husband? 

Cari Champion's husband

Cari Champion’s husband is, is one of the most searched personal questions about her on the internet. The answer to all the investigations about her relationship is that she is not married.

Unlike any other stars, Cari manages to keep herself far away from rumours and media attention.

Nonetheless, there were some gossips about her rumoured boyfriend, Ryen Russillo, who is also an ESPN journalist too. In 2014, Cari tweeted a picture with Russillo which made her received a lot of attention as called him her boo.

Net Worth

She’s said worth $3m.

Body Measurements

Her body measurements are 35-25-37 inches. Her black hair matches stunningly with her black eyes.

Cari’s height is 5 feet and 7 inches, however, some other sources say that her height is either 6 feet 1 inch or 5 feet 9 inch. Moreover, she weighs around 67 kg.

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