Fantabulous! Woman welcomes triplets after 20 years of bareness! Picture👇

It is the desire of every woman to have their own child even if it takes years for the baby or in some exceptional cases – triplets

Esther Michael, a Facebook user shared her testimony of welcoming her own triplets after 20 years of barrenness. She shared her story via a Facebook page known as “Igbo Rant”


She said God has wiped away her tears with her own triplets as she eulogised God for the wonderful gifts. She added that there’s nothing God can’t do.

20 years of childlessness
God wiped our tears away with triplets
Whatbarrennessnot does not exist
For you all trusting God For one thing or the other he will answer us🙏🙏”

In Africa predominantly, based on experiences shared and stories told, childlessness is one of the biggest problems in African marriages especially if it took a while before a woman got pregnant and eventually gives birth – preferably a boy which is deeply rooted in some quarters of African culture.

One should not be surprised if Esther says she got threats from her husband in-laws, became a subject of ridicule for years before she eventually gave birth to her triplets


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