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How Old Is Blueface? Here Are 20 Fascinating Facts About the Unique American Rapper


Jonathan Porter, better known by his stage name Blueface or Blueface Bleedem is 26 years old as of 2023. Blueface has become a distinctive figure in the American rap scene. With his unconventional style, high-pitched voice, and off-beat flow, Blueface has carved his own niche in the music industry. Let’s delve into 30 intriguing aspects of this talented rapper’s life and career.

Twenty Facts About American Rapper Blueface

  1. The Moniker “Blueface Bleedem”:

Blueface adopted his stage name, Blueface Bleedem, when he entered the rap scene in 2017. The name adds a unique touch to his persona.

2. Virality with “Respect My Crypn”:


Blueface gained widespread recognition after his song “Respect My Crypn” went viral, showcasing his distinctive voice and style.

3. Influential Collaborations:

The rapper has collaborated with industry heavyweights like Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, and Quavo, elevating his status in the music world.

How Old Is Blueface? Here Are 20 Fascinating Facts About the Unique American Rapper

4. Tattoo Tales:

Blueface’s body tells a story through tattoos, including symbols representing his history as a barber, religious beliefs, astrological sign, and material aspirations.


5. Benjamin Franklin “Signature” Tattoo:

Among Blueface’s tattoos, the most prominent is the Benjamin Franklin tattoo on his cheek, which he considers his “signature.”

6. Early Life and Education:


Born on January 20, 1997, in Los Angeles, California, Blueface attended multiple schools, playing football at Tahquitz High School before briefly attending Fayetteville State University.

7. Fatherhood and Family:

Blueface is a father to two children, Javaughn Jamal Porter and Journey Alexis Porter, with a third child on the way with ex-girlfriend Chrisean Rock.

How Old Is Blueface? Here Are 20 Fascinating Facts About the Unique American Rapper 1

8. Son Javaughn’s Presence:

Javaughn, Blueface’s firstborn, often accompanies his father to interviews, giving fans a glimpse into the rapper’s life as a parent.

9. Career Beginnings:


He entered the rap scene in 2017, posting songs on Instagram and SoundCloud. His debut song ‘Deadlocs’ gained over 2 million views, marking the beginning of his rise.

10. Breakthrough EPs:

Blueface’s EPs, ‘Famous Cryp’ and ‘Two Coccy,’ featured hits like ‘Fucced Em’ and ‘Respect My Crypn,’ contributing to his growing popularity.


11. Cash Money West Signing:

In November 2018, Blueface signed a deal with Cash Money West, further solidifying his presence in the music industry.

How Old Is Blueface? Here Are 20 Fascinating Facts About the Unique American Rapper

12. Viral Sensation with “Bleed It”:


The music video for Blueface’s track “Bleed It” gained over 2 million views within 24 hours of release on the Lyrical Lemonade YouTube channel.

13. Height and Athleticism:

Standing at an impressive 6 feet 4 inches, Blueface’s height and athletic build have led some to liken him to an NFL or basketball player.


14. Net Worth:

Blueface’s net worth, estimated at $4 million, reflects his success in the music industry, with notable hits like “Thotiana.”

15. Real Estate Ventures:


The rapper made headlines in real estate, purchasing a home in Chatsworth, California, and selling it for a profit after adding his unique touch to the exterior.

How Old Is Blueface? Here Are 20 Fascinating Facts About the Unique American Rapper

16. Engagement to Jaidyn Alexis:

Blueface is engaged to his long-term girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis, with whom he shares a history dating back to high school.


17. Relationship Ups and Downs:

The couple has faced challenges, but Blueface’s recent proposal on Jason Lee’s show suggests they are on the path to marriage.

18. Children with Different Mothers:


He has children with different mothers, including Jaidyn and Chrisean Rock, showcasing the complexities of his personal life. Blueface former girlfriend Chrisean Rock lost her tooth in a fight with Jaidyn Alexis in 2020 during the “Blue Girls Club” – a reality show hosted by the rapper.

19. Social Media Presence:

Active on Twitter and Instagram, Blueface boasts a substantial following of over 4 million on both platforms.


20. Continued Success in 2019:

Blueface’s 2019 collaboration with Lil Pump on Scott Storch’s “Bussin” contributed to his ongoing success in the rap scene.

21.Crisean Rock welcomed her baby “Crisean Rock Jr” in September 2023


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