Is Alfonso Estrella-kadlec WWE Lacey Evans Husband? Here is all you need to know!

Is Alfonso Estrella-kadlec WWE Lacey Evans Husband? Here is all you need to know! 2

Who is Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec?

Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec, 33, works as a general contractor for their construction company. According to Clustrmaps, he has stayed in four cities, including Vero Beach, FL and Okeechobee, FL. When Evans first reported to the WWE Performance Center in east Orlando in 2016, he lived at a campground with his WWE star wife and daughter, with occasional trips home to Parris Island, SC.

Is Alfonso Estrella-kadlec WWE Lacey Evans Husband? Here is all you need to know! 3

Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec is the husband of WWE wrestler Lacey Evans. The couple have been together for a while and they have two kids.

How long has Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec Being Together?

Lucy Evans has been married to her husband for 15 years. The couple, who married when Evans was 19, have been friends for a long time and live on Parris Island in South Carolina. Summer is the couple’s daughter, and they are currently expecting another child. In an Instagram post, she expresses her feelings about her husband via a lengthy Instagram post;

I can never put into words how lucky I am to find you. We were kids that got to grow up and dream together. 💭 Then, we got to chase those same dreams..together. 🏃‍♂️🏃🏼‍♀️❤ We got to draw a stick figure family in love letters to each other at 16yrs old…only to have that same family tucked in together every night. 🌌 You gave me your last name at 19, I gave you your daughter at 22 and we have successfully accomplished everything we could have possibly imagined we could…together. I dont know why God has blessed me with this life, you and our family but I will forever be grateful. Thank you for making my life this incredible and loving me. I love you @theladysmaestro”


Lacey Evans Career

Evans was introduced to wrestling while serving as a Marine Corps military police officer, and she trained and began her career on the independent circuit.

In 2016, she began working for WWE in their NXT developmental territory and competed in their inaugural Mae Young Classic. Evans debuted on Raw in January 2019, following a feud with Becky Lynch in NXT that culminated in a mixed tag team match in the main event of Extreme Rules.

Is Alfonso Estrella-kadlec WWE Lacey Evans Husband? Here is all you need to know! 4

Lacey Evans was born Macey Evans on March 24, 1990 in Georgia. She was “raised in a home torn by depression, drug and alcohol abuse,” according to ESPN, and had to live in tents at times as a child due to her parents’ legal problems. Her father, who had considered becoming a wrestler but never pursued it, died of a drug overdose before she got her WWE tryout.

Lacey Evans is a Marine Corps veteran who worked as a military police officer with the Special Reaction Team. She enlisted at the age of 19 and served for five years, earning a bachelor’s degree and launching her own construction company while on active duty.


Lacey Evans kids

Lacey Evans and Alfonso Estrella- Kadlec have two kids. The name of the first child, a girl is Summer.

Is Alfonso Estrella-kadlec WWE Lacey Evans Husband? Here is all you need to know! 5

On the arrival of her second child, another girl in October 2021, the WWE star took to Instagram to share her experience;

“Due to covid my family wouldn’t get to fully be a part of welcoming our second child into the world,” Evans wrote.

Born 4:20 am in my recliner. 7lbs 8oz. With my Lil lady and husband by my side.” Evans and her husband have one other daughter together who is shown alongside her mom in the photos of the birth. Evans admits it was one of the hardest things she has ever done, but also incredibly rewarding. She signed off by writing, “she is perfect. I’m going to take a nap now.”


Lacy Evans Net Worth

Lacey Evans is a Wrestler with a $3.2 billion net worth. Lacey Evans was born on the 24th of March, 1990. Wrestler who joined the WWE NXT promotion in 2016 and won her first televised match in January 2018. She previously held the title of American Premiere Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.


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