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Is Ame Bibabi deaf? What is the real name, age, net worth of the Tik Tok star?

Is Ame Bibabi deaf? What is the real name, age, net worth of the Tik Tok star? 2

Is Ame Bibabi deaf?

No, Ame Bibabi, the popular Tik Tok star is not deaf nor does she have any hearing impairment as of 2022.

Bibabi is Dutch, but her song has gone viral in the hip-hop community. Surprisingly, the aspirant hip-hop artist has a medical degree.

Is Ame Bibabi deaf? What is the real name, age, net worth of the Tik Tok star? 3

Ame received her bachelor’s degree in Orthomolecular Medicine in 2019.


Ame has also worked as a teaching assistant in an elementary school.

Bibabi wanted to start a successful health and fitness business until she got bored.

Her hidden talent was songwriting and melody discovery, so she decided to pursue a music career and released “Chin Up Hight” in November of this year.


Despite its flaws, the song’s repeating sync has kept listeners singing it for hours.

Ame Bibabi song

Ame Bibabi and her song “Chin Up High” are currently the talk of the town.

The song “Chin Up High” has perplexed the hip-hop community for unusual reasons.


Despite being panned for its unusual beats and ponderous and powerful hip-hop lyrics, the song has over a million views on YouTube.

It has also gone viral on TikTok, where users constantly upload new videos. So let’s learn more about her.

How old is Ame Bibabi?

Ame Bibabi is 34 years old as of 2022.


Her birthday is always April 12th, and she was born in 1988.

Ame Bibabi’s song “Chin Up High” has gone viral on TikTok.

To be more specific, the phrase “Party Till I Die” has gotten the most attention so far.


This sound has been used in over 32k TikTok videos.

Is Ame Bibabi deaf? What is the real name, age, net worth of the Tik Tok star? 4

Meanwhile, it’s gone viral on YouTube, with some dubbing it the “Best Worst Song Ever.”

It’s fascinating to see how different music listeners’ tastes differ, especially given that the song was initially criticized for its sloppy presentation.


Ame Bibabi net worth

Her exact net worth is unknown as of 2022. But then, considering her growing popularity and the high numbers she has been getting from her song, she would attracted a few brands. Consequently, her net worth should be in the region of $100,000 or more.

Ame Bibabi real name?

There is no information about the singer’s real name, so she must be Ame Bibabi in real life as well.


You can also find her on Instagram under the handle @amebibabi.

Ame, who has over 70k Instagram followers, has already established herself as a celebrity. And Bibabi Tik Tok has over 15,000 followers.

Her popularity in the music industry is the reason for this.


Her Instagram is full of beautiful photos of herself, but she has primarily used it to promote her song.


In as much as Ame Bibabi is now a public figure, she hasn’t disclosed whether or not she has a boyfriend, husband or not. She appears to be enjoying her fame at the moment.


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