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Is Jeremiah Battle still in jail? What happened to Kaliyah Dearing from Harrisburg and her sister Natasha Harner?

kaliyah Dearing

Losing one child can be such a devastating experience. How about losing two on the spot in a day? One can only imagine how the mother of Kaliyah Dearing and Natasha Harner felt when the tragic news got to her. This post is about how two sisters were killed by a friend whose name is Jeremiah Battle.

We will share with you how the unfortunate incident happened, events that happened before the incident as well as the current fate of Jeremiah Battle as of 2023.

Is Jeremiah Battle still in jail?

Jeremiah Battle is currently incarcerated and continues to serve a life sentence for the murder he committed. In fact, he received two consecutive life sentences for the murder of two little sisters who were loved and cared for by a large number of people.

When it came to the murder and burglary charges related to the murders of Kaliah Dearing and Natasha Harner on November 9 in the house they lived on Logan Street, Jeremiah Battle, who was 23 at the time, entered a guilty plea. Deborah E. Curcillo, the court’s chief justice, concluded that he should add 20 more years to his life sentence.


Battle did something that had never been done before: before being formally arraigned, he entered a guilty plea to murder, burglary, and tampering with evidence and was given the terms of his plea deal. There had never been anything done like this before.

Who is Kaliyah Dearing? What happened to her?

One of the sisters, Kaliyah Dearing, was fatally shot in 2017. She died in 2017. The person who caused their deaths a few years ago, Jeremiah Battle, is still a topic of discussion online.

Natasha Harner, 24, and Kaliah Dearing, 16, were both discovered dead in the bedroom they shared on November 9, 2017. Three sisters lived together in one house in Harrisburg. Two of them were murdered by the invader, Jeremiah Battle, while they slept in their bedroom.

When the authorities questioned the man about the occurrence, the man said that a damaged windshield wiper was to blame. According to Jeremiah Battle, who is reported to be friends with the girls, he went to their rental home in the 2200 block of Logan Street on the afternoon of November 9, 2017, to inquire about who would be responsible for paying for his broken windshield wiper. The 2200 block of Logan Street is where the girls’ residence is situated. He told the investigators that following that, things only got worse.


Numerous family members also made the trip to the scene of the tragic event to donate floral arrangements, balloons, and stuffed animals to the memorial that had been erected on the front porch. Everything you need to know about the horrible murder is covered in full below.

Why Did Jeremiah Battle Kill Harrisburg Sisters?

The xact reason why he killed them remains unknown but it seems a broken windshield wiper is what led to the death of the two sisters. Jeremiah Battle met the Harrisburg sisters through friends that they shared, and he routinely drove them around.

The victim’s mother, though, thinks that the accident involved more than just a windshield wiper. The primary cause of the homicide is still a mystery. Battle was at their rented home on Logan Street when Kaliah requested him to accompany her to the grocery the day before the killings. He was to accompany Kaliah there, she had requested. Tiana Seaton, who was there with Kaliah at the time, allegedly heard him turn down her approaches.

However, the conflict changed the next day and spread inside the house. He was spotted approaching the front door by someone in the area. He either allowed himself in or forced his way in, according to the court-filed records, “with the intent to cause injury.” He found Kaliah and Harner in a bedroom on the second level.


Was Kaliyah Dearing pregnant when she died?

There was no substantial evidence that she was pregnant when she died. The youngest of the three sisters, Kaliyah Dearing, was the one who was fatally shot and died. She had a stunning presence in addition to a strong singing presence. However, there is no proof that she was expecting a child at the time she was killed by a gunshot. There was a fourth sister there while Kaliyah, Natasha, and another sister who was probably in her late teens or early twenties lived in the same house as they were growing up.

The third sister, in the neighbors’ accounts, was the one who arrived home from work on Thursday at 5 o’clock and learned that her two sisters had passed away. No one was aware of how long they had been deceased.

Both Kaliah Dearing, who was 16 years old at the time, and Natasha Harner, who was 24 years old at the time, sustained head and arm injuries as a result of being shot. According to the transcript of Jeremiah Battle’s sentencing, he moved and partially covered their bodies before grabbing two shotshells and fleeing the scene. Finally, Jeremiah Battle was taken into custody.


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