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Who is Jason McAfee Pat McAfee brother? is jASON mcAfee married? see all details here!

Jason McAfee

One of the reasons why Jason McAfee is popular is because of his relationship with a popular figure and as a result of this, a lot of people online have become interested in knowing more about the gentleman. So, in this post, we shall share all what we know about him as well as a brief detail about his brother who is very well-known in the American sport industry.

Who is Jason McAfee?

Jason McAfee is the elder brother to Pat McAfee, an American football player. Pat and Jason resemble each other more as friends than as brothers. They are very closely connected to one another.

Jason McAfee was born and reared in Pennsylvania. His mother’s name is Sally Krishner McAfee, and his father is Timothy J. McAfee. His cousins Owen McAfee, Elizabeth Gonzalez, Breana McAfee Nath, and Kristine Wolcott, as well as his brother Pat, were all present during his childhood.

Jason McAfee

He currently residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but he is from Plum, Pennsylvania which is his hometown.
He works at FedEx Express and attended Plum Senior High School. Jason McAfee is an avid music lover.


Because he is the older brother of Pat McAfee, who is now 35 years old, we were unable to determine his precise date of birth, although he must be older than 35. He ought to be a little older than 36 years old, perhaps even more. Some online report suggest that Jason McAfee is 37-years-old as of 2023.

Social Media

Jason.ryan.mcafee is the username of Jason McAfee’s social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He enjoys music, as evidenced by the guitar playing pictures on his Instagram page. His Facebook profile has more than 3000 fans. He also publishes images of Roland, a pitbull dog he has as a pet, on his Instagram profile.

Is Jason McAfee married?

Prior to 2021, Jason McAfee married Kristen McAfee. With his loved ones, he appears to have enjoyed a wonderful wedding. A perpetual link of love and obligation towards one another has also been conveyed by some who have merged their community. Jason is unquestionably a happy guitarist, according to all reports. He appears to enjoy her creative approach to playing the instrument. He is wholly dedicated to playing the guitar and creating outstanding songs.

Pat McAfee Background and Net Worth

American football player Pat McAfee has built a career playing in the NFL. He played for the West Virginia Mountaineers football team during his time in the NFL before being selected by the Indianapolis Colt. He was a placekicker in football. Additionally, in 2017 he left the NFL. Since Pat works as a sports analyst and commentator for the NFL, he is also currently a color commentator for WWE pro-Smackdown wrestling’s brand. Pat McAfee’s elder brother is Jason McAfee, and the two brothers share a close bond with one another.


American Pat McAfee is a former professional football player, professional wrestler, and podcast presenter with a $20 million net worth. From 2009 to 2016, Pat was an NFL player. He started a podcast after he retired, and it quickly became very popular. Pat received a little over $15 million in salary and bonuses throughout his career. In 2014, he inked his largest contract, a five-year, $14 million agreement with a $5 million guarantee. During his first five seasons with the team, he had previously made about $4.7 million.

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