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Jeanne Moore: Seven Things To Know About Brendan Fraser’s Girlfriend After Split From Afton Smith.

Jeanne Moore

Who is Jeanne Moore?

Jeanne Moore is a renowned American makeup artist and a celebrity partner. She’s widely recognized as the new girlfriend of Brendan Fraser, the Canadian-American actor who recently won an Oscar Award at the 95th Academy Awards for Best Actor in the film “The Whale.”

Born on October 1st, 1972, in Los Angeles, California, United States, Jeanne Moore is currently residing in Calabasas, California, United States, and is 50 years old as of 2023. She owns her own makeup and hair stylist salon, and she often accompanies her boyfriend, Brendan Fraser, to various award functions.

Jeanne Moore


Jeanne Moore’s educational journey began at Garden Grove High School in California, where she graduated in 1989. Following that, she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at California State University, Fullerton. Additionally, she attended the April Love Academy, where she honed her makeup and special effects makeup skills.



Jeanne Moore’s career commenced as a Producer and Assistant Director at BG Star Productions, Inc., where she worked with Billy Blanks, the creator of Tae Bo. She continued working at BG Star Productions, Inc. until August 2017, taking on roles as a Producer, Assistant Director, and Writer. Later, she joined The Movetube Network from July 2015 to December 2017 in similar capacities.

In September 2017, she became a part of “One Night With The Stars (Concert),” benefiting Wigs & Wishes Charity, as a Producer and Assistant Director. In January 2018, she transitioned to Wall Street Theater, working as a Producer, Live Feed Operator, and Live Multi-Camera Editor until March 2018. Alongside her roles in production and writing, she is a certified professional makeup artist and hairstylist with a roster of celebrity clients.

Jeanne Moore Net Worth

With a career spanning since 2001, encompassing roles in production, direction, and writing, alongside her endeavors in makeup and hairstyling, Jeanne Moore has achieved a substantial net worth estimated to be around $1 million–$2 million.


Social Media

Jeanne Moore boasts a significant following on Instagram, with over 4,000K followers and 395 posts. Her presence on Twitter and Facebook also garnered a considerable fan base, particularly after being seen with Brendan Fraser.

Jeanne Moore

Seven important facts to know about Jeanne Moore

1. Accomplished Makeup Artist and Beauty Specialist


Jeanne Moore is a renowned makeup artist and beauty specialist. Her expertise encompasses makeup and hairstyling for TV, film, and various events, with a special focus on special effects makeup. She boasts a celebrity client list that includes notable names like Paula Abdul and Marie Osmond. Before embarking on her beauty career, Jeanne pursued a degree in marketing at Cal State Fullerton and honed her skills at the April Love Pro Makeup Academy.

2. Multifaceted Career in the Film Industry

In addition to her prowess in the beauty industry, Jeanne Moore has a versatile career in the film industry. Her LinkedIn profile highlights her roles as a writer, producer, and director on various projects. She gained valuable experience working alongside martial artist Billy Blanks for over a decade, serving as both a director of marketing and a producer for his acclaimed Tae Bo videos.


Jeanne Moore: Seven Things To Know About Brendan Fraser's Girlfriend After Split From Afton Smith. 1

3. Memorable Contestant on “Let’s Make a Deal”

In 2016, Jeanne Moore made an appearance on the popular television show “Let’s Make a Deal,” where she held the distinction of being the 15,000th contestant. Her memorable appearance saw her don a striking Grecian goddess costume, and she was celebrated with a bouquet of flowers and a tiara by host Wayne Brady. While she didn’t win any money, she enthusiastically shared her enjoyment of the experience with her Twitter followers.


4. Relationship with Brendan Fraser: His First Public Romance Post-Divorce

Jeanne Moore is notably known for her relationship with Brendan Fraser, marking the actor’s first public romance since his divorce from Afton Smith in December 2007. Fraser and Smith, who share three children, ended their marriage in 2007 but continue to amicably co-parent their sons. Fraser has expressed his desire for a more stable personal life and is appreciative of the support he receives from Jeanne Moore, as evidenced by his statements in various interviews.

Jeanne Moore: Seven Things To Know About Brendan Fraser's Girlfriend After Split From Afton Smith. 2

5. Professional Connections with A-List Celebrities


Jeanne Moore’s professional journey has brought her into contact with numerous A-list celebrities, forging both working relationships and friendships. She has provided makeup and hairstyling services to renowned figures like Paula Abdul, showcasing her talents and building strong connections. She also shared a close friendship with legendary American filmmaker Garry Marshall before his passing in 2016.

6. A Constant Presence at High-Profile Events with Brendan Fraser

Since their debut at the Venice Film Festival, Jeanne Moore and Brendan Fraser have been inseparable, frequently gracing the red carpet at various award shows and industry events.

Jeanne Moore: Seven Things To Know About Brendan Fraser's Girlfriend After Split From Afton Smith. 3

Their appearances have included events such as the AARP Annual Movies for Grownups Awards, the 28th Annual Critics Choice Awards, the BAFTA Tea Party, the 2022 Gotham Awards, the 2022 GQ Men Of The Year Party, and the Montclair Film Festival, among others. Jeanne Moore has consistently supported Brendan Fraser in his endeavors.

7. Welcomed into Brendan Fraser’s Family Life

While they maintain a private stance on their personal life, it’s evident that Jeanne Moore has been warmly embraced into Brendan Fraser’s family. They have been seen together with Fraser’s two sons, Holden and Leland, at various events. Notably, in March 2023, Jeanne Moore attended the Oscars with Brendan Fraser and his sons, making a stunning appearance in an off-the-shoulder cobalt-blue gown by Christian Siriano. Fraser expressed his appreciation for her support during his acceptance speech after winning the Oscar for Best Actor.


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