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Joyce Mandel: 6 things to know about the late The Baltimore Bullet and Mork and Mindy star actress. 

Joyce Mandel: 6 things to know about the late <em>The Baltimore Bullet and Mork and Mindy </em>star actress.  2

Joyce Mandel is now late but her name has not disappeared from search engines as people still search for information about her. She was one of the most popular figures in the movie industry during her time as she appeared in more than a handful of television shows and movies. 

This short post takes a look at the background, career, net worth, and filmography of Joyce Mandel. We shall also share other vital information about her in this post. 

1.Who is Joyce Mandel? 

Joyce Mandel (March 10, 1950 – October 13, 2016) was an American pinup, model, and actor who featured in Season 2’s Hold That Mork as Peggy Black, who auditions alongside Mork for the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders. Joyce Mandel was born in Los Angeles, California, on March 10, 1950.


2. Family and Husband 

Joyce Mandel father is Abraham Herbert Mandelcorn according to IMDB but there is no information about her mother. The name of her sister is Eugene Edward Mandelcorn. She was married to Jerry Rush

Joyce Mandel


Joyce Mandel’s Russian-Romanian ethnicity gave her an exotic appearance, so she has been a model in three distinct stages of her career: she appeared in magazines in the late 1960s as Rinah “the ideal woman” (Pin-up model) and worked in 1969 for the famed film director Russ Meyer; later in the 1970s she appeared in publications such as Girl Illustrated, Gent, and Penthouse under the name Joyce Gibson; and in the 1990s she returned as Alexis Love and as The ultimate older woman. 

4. Joyce Mandel Mork & Mindy 

Joyce Mandel was definitely a part of ABC’s attempt to add ‘jiggle’ to their shows, with the most famous Mork & Mindy episodes being Hold That Mork and Necroton. 


On the same day Mork is attempting to make his imprint, she appears as Peggy Black, a highly voluptuous candidate auditioning for the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders. Her leotard-clad routine is terrible, but it catches the attention of both Nelson and Mork, much to Mindy’s chagrin, all of whom are aware of her inability to spell.

Pam Stockhaus, the squad’s manager, quickly and politely rejects her.

5. When did Joyce Mandel die? 

Joyce Mandel died on October 13, 2016, at the age of 66. At the time of her death, she was a resident of Los Angeles, California.


6. Net Worth 

There is no official figure as regards Joyce Mandel’s net worth. However, being a superstar actress and model means she must have earned a decent amount of money during her career. 

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