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Tayler Holder: 8 things to know about the famous Tik-Tok influencer! Was Tayler Holder arrested? 

<strong>Tayler Holder: 8 things to know about the famous Tik-Tok influencer! Was Tayler Holder arrested? </strong> 2

Being popular comes with a magnetic effect such that it attracts a lot of people to one’s life. Once one gets to that height, everyone, especially the fans will be very inquisitive about one’s life. 

Tayler Holder is the subject of our article today and we shall be answering questions as regards his background, career, relationship status, net worth among other information about him. 

1. Who is Tayler Holder? 

Tayler Holder is a multi-talented American actor, singer, and social media influencer who gained popularity through his entertaining lip-sync videos on TikTok. With over 20 million fans on his TikTok account, Holder is known for his engaging short dance routines and humorous skits, often collaborating with other influencers. In addition to his social media success, Holder has a thriving music career, traveling globally to perform and connect with his fans. Notably, his debut single “Fallback” was released in August 2018.

Tayler Holder

Holder is most recognized for his portrayal of Luke in the 2018 drama TV series “Dirt” and his appearance in the American teen fantasy show “Total Eclipse” (2018). Recent reports reveal that Holder will soon debut as a model and has already booked several shoots. As of 2022, Holder has garnered a massive following of over 6 million fans on Instagram and over 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube. Moreover, in 2020, he became a part of the popular TikTok group, The Hype House 

2. When was Tayler Holder born? 

Tayler Holder, born on August 19, 1997, was brought up in the town of Alvarado, Texas by his parents Monte and Wendy. He has a sibling named Trever and a Pomeranian named Eli, whose Instagram handle is “itslittleeli”. Blue is his preferred color, and McDonald’s is his preferred fast-food restaurant. Among his favorite pastimes are riding dirt bikes, participating in sports, and spending time with friends.

3. Tayler Holder started as a race driver 

At the age of 3, Tayler Holder began racing and competing in motocross. He resided in Texas until he turned 18, at which point he relocated to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in acting and music. In 2019, Holder commenced his influencer journey, creating TikTok videos mainly consisting of lip-syncing and hanging around with friends in Los Angeles, frequently without a shirt. 


In a Forbes interview, Holder stated that some people follow him because he is known as the “hot guy.” His increasing popularity resulted in him joining the TikTok content collective Hype House in May 2020, where he worked with the other members and made numerous videos, including one of his most well-known TikTok videos, ‘Do It Like Me Challenge.’ However, he left the Hype House just five months later, explaining in a video that he had “outgrown” the group, although he maintained positive relationships with his housemates.

<strong>Tayler Holder: 8 things to know about the famous Tik-Tok influencer! Was Tayler Holder arrested? </strong> 3

Holder then shifted his focus to Triller and moved into the Triller Compound, a content collective operated by Triller, a video-sharing app that competes with TikTok. Holder became one of the founders of the Compound. However, he left the Compound in late 2021, citing restrictive rules as one of the main reasons for his departure. Along with his TikTok success, Holder started producing long-form videos on YouTube, where he now has more than 1.8 million subscribers. On Instagram, he has over 6 million followers, where he mostly posts selfies and other images of himself. 

4. When did Tayler Holder begin his career 

In 2017, Tayler Holder released his first single “Who I Am,” followed by his debut single “Fallback” in August 2018. On December 17, 2021, Holder posted a TikTok teaser video promoting his new music career. Despite being known for lip-syncing, Holder is focused on building a solid music following. 


In January, he released a series of singles, including his biggest hit “Never Was You,” with over 600k views on YouTube. Holder has also contributed to hit songs like ‘Toes’ by DaBaby, ‘One Wish’ by Raj J, and ‘Off the Wall’ by XXX Tentacion. Holder’s acting debut was in the Brat series ‘Dirt,’ where he played the character of Luke. He has collaborated with popular social stars like Lisa and Lena Mantler, Jai Waetford, Bryce Hall, and Ayla Woodruff, and has traveled worldwide to do so. 

5. What’s Tayler Holder net worth? 

According to Wikifeed, Tayler Holder’s net worth is approximately $2 million, earned primarily from his social media presence as a content creator, his music, and his acting career. As a TikTok creator, he could earn an estimated $15k per post, while on Instagram, he could earn upwards of $20k for a brand-sponsored post. 

Tayler Holder

His YouTube videos generate an average of $5k per video, and he could charge up to $25k for a brand-sponsored deal. Tayler’s music generates over 10 million streams, earning him an estimated $60-40k per month. He is also on platforms like Apple Music and Amazon Music, from which he receives $50k each. His appearances in TV shows like “Dirt” (2018) and “Total Eclipse” (2018) would have earned him between $25K to $50K per show. 


7. Is Tayler Holder married? 

No, he is not married. Tayler Holder was romantically involved with Charly Jordan from 2020 to 2021, as well as Sommer Ray, who is also a social media star. Currently, it is unclear whether he is in a relationship or not and he may be single.

8. Social Media 

Tayler Holder’s strong influence on social media is clear from his huge fan following. He has more than 20 million followers on TikTok, over 6.1 million followers on Instagram, and more than 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube.

9. Tayler Holder jail 

In February 2022, rumors began to circulate online that Tayler had been arrested after Keemstar’s Drama Alert video went viral. Keemstar’s caption for the video suggested that Tayler had been arrested, but the video actually referred to King Cid being arrested. Around the same time, a social media user named “Charlyforevrr” shared fake LA County records claiming that Tayler had been arrested. However, according to Def Noodles, the report was actually about a female Tayler Holder from New York, while the real Tayler Holder is a male from Texas. Tayler himself also posted on Instagram, denying the rumors of his arrest.


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