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Kaori Mai Hart: Meet Kevin Hart’s adorable daughter

Kaori Mai Hart: Meet Kevin Hart's adorable daughter 2

Who is Kaori Mai Hart?

Kaori Mai Hart is the daughter of popular Ameriacn comedian, actor and entertainer Kevin Hart.

Kaori Mai Hart has just turned one. She was born in California on September 29, 2020. Every year on September 29th, Kaori Mai Hart celebrates her birthday. On her birthday, her parents typically host themed celebrations. Kaori’s parents threw her a princess-worthy all-pink birthday celebration for her first birthday.


Kaori Mai Hart was born in California. The Japanese word for fragrant in her first name, Kaori, is its origin. The middle name Mai is likewise Japanese in origin and can be translated as linen robe. When her names are combined, the phrase “fragrant linen robe” comes to mind.

Kaori Mai Hart: Meet Kevin Hart's adorable daughter 3
Kevin Hart’s daughter Kaori Mai Hart

At the moment, Kaori Mai Hart is a year old. On September 29, 2020, she was born in California. Every September 29th, Kaori Mai Hart has a birthday celebration. On her birthday, her parents regularly arrange themed parties. Kaori’s parents threw her an all-pink birthday celebration suitable for a princess for her first birthday.

Zodiac Sign

The zodiac sign of Kaori Mai Hart is Libra. November 29 Most commonly, Libras are seen as sensitive persons who value confidentiality.

The Rat is the Chinese zodiac sign of Kaori Hart. People who were born in the 2020 Chinese year of the Rat are primarily characterized as intelligent and upbeat.


Parents and Siblings

Kevin Hart and Eniko Hart are the parents of Kaori Mai Hart. His mother Eniko is a former model and actress, while his father Kevin is a well-known actor and comedian. In Calabasas, California, Kaori resides with his parents and brothers.

Kenzo Kash Hart is the older full brother of Kaori Mai Hart. Heaven Hart, an older half-sister, and Hendrix Hart, an older half-brother, are also family members.

Name:Kaori Mai Hart
Birthplace:California, United States
Birthday:September 29, 2020
Age:1 years
Zodiac Sign:Libra
Chinese Zodiac Sign:Rat
Father:Kevin Hart
Mother:Eniko Hart
Siblings:Kaori Mai Hart, Heaven Hart, Hendrix Hart


Who is Kevin Hart?

Kevin Hart is a famous American comedian and actor. He is the father of Kaori Mai Hart.

He was born on July 6, 1979, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

He is well-known and he has appeared in numerous movies, including Paper Soldiers and Scary Movie 3.


He was born to Nancy Hart and his father Henry Robert Witherspoon.

His father was a cocaine addict who spent the majority of his time in prison, so growing up wasn’t all that easy for him.

Kaori Mai Hart: Meet Kevin Hart's adorable daughter 4

His mother Nancy reared him on her own. He used comedy to help him deal with his family’s issues as he grew up.


Then he began using his comedic skills. After graduating from his education, he then began his career in comedy.

At the outset of his profession, he had nothing. He began performing on smaller stages before moving on to larger venues in New York and Los Angeles.

After that, Kevin rose to prominence as one of comedy’s greatest stars.


He began on a number of comedy tours. As he established himself in the entertainment industry, other television networks began to approach him about appearing on their shows.

Then, after appearing frequently in the American sitcom “Undeclared,” he attained even greater renown.

For his comedy album “What Now?” Kevin received a Grammy Award nomination in the Best Comedy Album category.


Kevin Hart has received a couple of awards including BET Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and a People’s Choice Awards too.

Kevin Hart daughter Kaori Mai Hart learns first curse word

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, when questioned about his youngest child, Kevin replied, “Kaori has started talking, and she has already started picking up the nasty language from him.”

He claims Kaori has managed to string together a few words, and her first word was Dada rather than Mama. He joked that even if it wasn’t, he would still claim that it was.


He continued by explaining that she has learnt to say S**** and S*it asking the audience not to applaud, claiming that he was not doing it to celebrate it and that he was merely stating the fact that S***is a good one rather than out of pride.

Kevin revealed that Kaori picked up the swear term from him and acknowledged that he had a bad tongue but a noble one.

He added that he is not a hostile curser, and it’s not offsetting but a light one. So his daughter heard him say and copied him.


Kevin Hart cheating scandal

When Eniko Parrish learned that her husband had an affair, she was eight months pregnant with her son Kenzo.

On the third episode of Kevin Hart: Don’t F*** This Up on Netflix, she discussed how she found out about her husband’s adultery.

Parrish claimed that when she received a DMed, it was while she was eating breakfast.


When she picked up her phone, she instantly broke down and contacted Kevin, sobbing uncontrollably and asking, “How the F*** could he let it happen?”

She insisted that he made fun of her because everything was posted on social media, including Instagram, and she kept asking him if he was going to do it because she didn’t want to be a part of it.

She had to maintain composure for the sake of the unborn child, yet, at the same time.


Because she didn’t want to give up on her family and didn’t want her son Kenzo to grow up without knowing his father, thinking about the baby helped her get through it.

She acknowledged that although it was difficult for her, they had to go through it in order to pass it on and that had made Kevin a better man.

She added that she strongly supports forgiveness and believes in second chances. After three strikes, you’re out and out of this place.


So, she said, “as long as he behaves, we’re good.”

Kevin Hart net worth

Her father is ranked as the 14th-richest comedian in the world, and as of 2021, his estimated net worth was more than $200 million.


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