Niece Waidhofer bio: How the beautiful 31-year-old model died!

Niece Waidhofer bio: How the beautiful 31-year-old model died! 2

Niece Waidhofer use to be an Instagram celebrity and American bikini model. She became well-known after launching the “Roast Me” campaign on Reddit, which brought about a lot of critical comments. Niece deactivated the account because she was too afraid to see the deplorable response to her work.

She scommunicated well with her admirers on Instagram where she had a million subscribers. Through her social media pictures, niece displays her hourglass figure. Regardless of appearance, body type, or size, she also thinks that women should feel confident and beautiful. In addition to modelling for numerous periodicals, she has appeared in two films.


Niece Wadhoifer was born on August 27, 1990, in the United States. However, little is known about her parents, siblings, or precise place of birth. She is said to be from Dallas, Texas.

Niece Waidhofer bio: How the beautiful 31-year-old model died! 3

When she initially started college, niece’s goal was to become a nurse. Niece posted on social media that her father had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

She claimed that her father decided against getting the condition treated. She also published a picture of a young man, whose identity was speculated to be her brother. Niece apologized in advance and said she wouldn’t be posting anything for a while.
Niece was dating Mike Evans, a doctor from Dallas, Texas until her death according to rumours.

The rumor was not confirmed until Niece Waidhofer passed away. Furthermore, Niece didn’t shared anything on social media that may suggest she was dating him.
Niece enjoys shopping for designer brands like “Milan,” “Gucci,” and “Décor.”


Niece Waidhofer started a campaign on “Reddit” in 2017 and she got a lot of attention by urging others to roast her. Although the “Roast Me” advertisement got off to a more fun start, it ultimately backfired and made the Texan model uneasy.

The model was so terrified by the negative remarks that were flooding her niece’s “Reddit” comment section. In the end, she closed the account. But she did receive some notice as a result of the campaign.

Niece Waidhofer bio: How the beautiful 31-year-old model died! 4

Being a model, Niece Waidhofer was obviously very active on social media. Her elegant photos may be found in abundance on her Instagram page. Niece was never been shy about displaying her flawlessly formed figure. She posed naturally and doesn’t need to try hard to acquire the best shots. She encouraged women to feel beautiful at all times and promotes self-love. On “Instagram,” my niece has a million followers.

Niece Waidhofer’s Twitter account does not, however, have a comparable fan base. Through her “Instagram” posts, she was still able to engage with people. Niece has also appeared on the covers of various fashion and lifestyle publications. She had modeled in bikinis for companies like “Model Mayhem.” She also has a website where you can see more of her stunning images.

Niece had two movie appearances: in “Project Aether” from 2011 and “The Legend of DarkHorse Country” from 2014.

Niece Waidhofer net worth

Her estimated net worth was $300,000. Niece wss a social media influencer who earned money through paid advertisements, partnerships, and sponsorships. She also had a Patreon page where her supporters donated to her cause. According to reports, she received $20, $50, or $1,000 from each person who helps sustain her, depending on how much they’re willing to pay. On Patreon, she had about 1700 supporters.

How did Niece Waidhofer die?

According to reports, Instgaram influencer and model, Niece Waidhofer died by committing suicide. She died on the 23rd of June 2022. She died age 31.

Sadly, Niece took her own life after a long battle with mental health issues,” her family told TMZ. “She was very open with her followers about her struggles, even wanting to help followers who also suffered.”

Law enforcement informed TMZ they received a phone call from a concerned family member who asked officers to check on Waidhofer in her Houston, Texas, home last month.

There, her body was discovered.

The model had 4.2 million followers on her Instagram, where she regularly shared posts captured and written by herself. But her fans were worried when suddenly her account was wiped. In the weeks leading up to her death, she left only three posts up on her page.

Her family adds, “Niece was more than her struggles. She was beautiful and kind, sensitive and funny, creative and talented, generous and compassionate, thoughtful and challenging. While it is so very painful to say goodbye, we take comfort knowing she is reunited with her father, her three grandparents, her Uncle Rusty, and her beloved Puff; and that she is now free to be herself and, finally, at peace.”

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