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Lil Jon eyes: Why the American rapper is always on dark Oakley Sunglasses! What happened to Lil Jon’s eyes?

Lil Jon eyes: Why the American rapper is always on dark Oakley Sunglasses! What happened to Lil Jon's eyes? 2

Who is Lil Jon? 

Lil Jon is a popular American rapper and disc jockey who is always in the news because people want to know if he has an eye condition or if he’s just donning sunglasses for style.

Jonathan Smith, now known as Lil Jon, was born with that identity. He is a well-known and accomplished American rapper with a flourishing musical career.


His singing is described as “crunk.” He is a well-known ‘DJ’ in the US in addition to being an artist. Among his enormous fan following, his hip-hop style has helped him become instantly recognizable.

Lil Jon collaborates frequently with rappers Pitbull from Miami, Too Short and E-40 from Oakland, and he is one-third of the unofficial triumvirate that also includes Ludacris and Usher from Atlanta.

Lil Jon’s net worth 

Lil Jon’s net worth is $30m. He is a rapper, composer, record producer, DJ, and actor from the United States. He became well-known for leading the band Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz. He is also one of the founders of the crunk hip-hop style.

Lil Jon Eyes

Lil Jon singles: “Get Low,” “Freek-a-Leek,” and “Yeah!” are some.of his songs that once  made it toTop 10 Billboard Hot 100 singles. In the category of Best Rap/Sung Performance, “Yeah!” earned a Grammy award  The multi-platinum hit “Turn Down for What,” which Lil Jon and his pal Pitbull produced with DJ Snake, was published in 2013.


Lil Jon is still producing music, some of which are intended for use in television shows or major motion pictures. Some of his best performances have been in the movies Girls Trip (2017), Superfly (2018), The First Purge (2018), and Spies in Disguise, all of which featured music by Future. (2019).

Career Background/Career Path 

Rapper, DJ, record producer, and erstwhile frontman of the multi-platinum-selling rap group Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, Lil Jon is an American. In Georgia’s Atlanta, he was born. He was created on January 17, 1972. Lil is recognized with helping to establish the Crunk hip hop subgenre and bringing the music to a wider audience.

He collaborated with French DJ Snake in 2013 to create the EDM smash (Turn Down For What), which as of 2021 has amassed six times as many platinum sales in the US. The tune was also up for Best Dance/Electronic tune at the Billboard Music Awards. 

Lil Jon eyes

The associated music video had amassed over 1.08 billion YouTube views as of January 2022 and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Music Video.


His contribution as a songwriter to the Bay Area rapper Saweetie’s single (My Type), which peaked at number one on Billboard’s Rhythmic Chart, earned him a spot among the Top Billboard Music Award Winners of All Time designation in 2016. On Saweetie’s track (Tap In), which peaked at number two on the same chart, he also contributed as a songwriter.

Additionally, a lot of information about his eyes and constant use of sunglasses has circulated on the internet, but the artist has remained silent about this information.

What happened to Lil Jon’s eyes? 

Lil Jon hasn’t said anything about his irises until now. Jon seems to be in excellent health and is succeeding in his musical endeavors.

Netizens are also enquiring as to why they have never seen his bare irises. The artist, however, has not made any comments about his eyes.


Additionally, there are speculations and presumptions about the rapper’s eyes on the internet. Some claim that the first step should be to inquire with Lil. The other person says, “They’re his signature, and I think he first started wearing them in public to cover his eyes,” in contrast to the first. He might be too “crunk” to disclose his eyes because of a lazy eye or another condition, or he might just have one. 

Lil Jon’s Oakley Oakley’s Sunglasses 

Lil Jon is rumored to only wear Oakley eyeglasses because they look cool. Sunglasses, as we all know, are frequently used to shield our eyes from damaging UV radiation and other light sources.

But a lot of individuals do so to look laid back. They like to showcase the interesting and distinctive aspects of their existence. This is why they always sport sunglasses.

Lil Jon eyes: Why the American rapper is always on dark Oakley Sunglasses! What happened to Lil Jon's eyes? 3

He appears on the Howard Stern radio show that airs on the E! Network…He raised his shades when someone called him out on the phone while he was on the program.One of his online fans wrote, “looks like a normal black dude. Regular eyes, he rolled them around, no lazyness.


Also a lot of fans have recently inferred and justified the rapper’s constant use of sunglasses. As you can see, Lil is one of the best black vocalists in America, and he frequently favors sporting different styles of sunglasses. His preferred pair of sunglasses, which has white frames and black lenses, is a set of white sunglasses. Many of them are available at Amazon’s online shop, where the prices are fair and the options are plentiful.

Additionally, one claims that Lil has been using prescription glasses since high school and has lazy eyes. He searched the internet for images of Lil wearing glasses but not sunglasses and is sorry to discover that he once had vision issues.

Who is Lil Jon’s wife? 

Lil Jon and his wife Nicole have been together since 2004, and they have a boy named Nathan. (known as DJ Young Slade). Lil Jon, who has been a DJ since his son was 11 years old, has said that one of his biggest joys is seeing everything come full circle with his son.

He is a devoted supporter of all of Atlanta’s sporting organizations, including the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers up until their 2011 move to Winnipeg. Since then, he has developed a love for the Vegas Golden Knights, and he is featured in the Valiant 2019 team video.


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