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Matt Bulleri death: How did the Yellowstone crew member die? Here is what we know! 

Matt Bulleri death: How did the Yellowstone crew member die? Here is what we know!  2

In every organisation, there is always an individual or some individuals whom the management or director of the company loved dearly. Matt Bulleri is one of such person. 

Matt Bulleri didn’t act on the set of the popular television series, “Yellowstone” but he was as popular as the actors on set because of his versatility. 


He was loved because of his dedication and expertise in his work. He was loved by everyone in the crew and such his death left a gap in the hearts of his colleagues and as we) as his family. 

In this article, we shall tell you all the details we know about Matt Bulleri. His background, age, career, net worth,, family and the cause of his death. 

Who is Matt Bulleri “Yellowstone” crew member? 

Matt Bulleri was a member of the Yellowstone television series.

Matt Bulleri death: How did the Yellowstone crew member die? Here is what we know!  3

He was working as a camera operator on the show, according to reports. The fourth season of Yellowstone is set to premiere in November.

Indeed, we may expect a homage to Matt, who put in a lot of effort in filming all four seasons. He was regarded as one of the most essential members of the Yellowstone cast by many.

Matt had appeared in 75 films and television programs prior to Yellowstone. The Next Three Days, Real Steel, Spenser Confidential, and other novels are among his greatest.


Matt was a professional grip who also worked on set as an electrician. He also worked as a camera operator on most of the shows.

He was also a dedicated worker with a positive attitude. He was the most capable technician a director could hope to work with.

Matt Bulleri Wikipedia 

Wikipedia does not have any information about Matt Bulleri.


He did, however, have an IMDb page with his name on it. He began his career as an auxiliary camera operator in 2007, according to his profile.

Matt Bulleri death: How did the Yellowstone crew member die? Here is what we know!  4
Matt Bulleri and his kid Stella

His first role, according to reports, was in the film Blood Ties. I Am Not Okay With This, one of his most recent works, is a fan favorite.

In addition, Matt had already finished filming Sweet Girl. He also served as a key grip on the upcoming Dear Zoe in 2021.


What was Matt Bulleri’s age?

Matt Bulleri’s age was not mentioned in his obituary.

We may estimate that he was in his late forties based on his photographs. However, we have yet to discover Matt’s true age and birthday.

In addition, we can assert that he was an American citizen. However, there is currently no information available about Buller’s ethnicity.


Matt earned an average wage working in the camera and electrical department. As a result, we estimate his net worth to be in the thousands.

Matt Bulleri’s Wife: Who Is She?

Alyssa Bulleri, Matt Bulleri’s wife, was his life partner.

The couple has a daughter named Stella, according to Taste Of Country. He adored his family even more than he adored himself.

Matt Bulleri death: How did the Yellowstone crew member die? Here is what we know!  5

Bulleri’s family has being supported by a GoFundMe campaign set up by one of his pals. Up to this point, $151.9 thousand has been raised.

How did Matt Bulleri die? 

The cause of Matt Bulleri’s death was revealed to be a heart attack.


It is indeed depressing to learn about his death. We extend our condolences to Matt’s family and pray for his soul’s salvation.

Jennifer Landon, who starred in the film Yellowstone, took to social media to announce the death of someone she considered a member of the “Yellowstone family.”

On July 15, Landon, who portrays Teeter, a colorful female ranch hand on the program, shared the sad news with fans via Instagram, writing, “We lost a great member of our Yellowstone Family.” Matt Bulleri died of a heart attack while filming a show in Los Angeles on Wednesday.”


Net Worth 

Matt Bulleri has amassed a substantial net worth throughout the course of his career. He had a net worth of at least $1 million, according to our calculations.

He appears to have made enough money from his work, as he was surely earning a large salary and generating a large net worth. In addition, his job was his principal source of income.

Matt Bulleri Social Media 

We searched Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms for him but were unable to find him. He either has or does not have a social media account under a different name. He most likely prefers a quiet life.


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