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Meet Solo Unicake, the celebrity child of Robie Uniacke & Rosamund Pike! 

Meet Solo Unicake, the celebrity child of Robie Uniacke & Rosamund Pike!  2

As long as you are popular, fans will always want to more about you especially your family and private life such that everything or anyone around you becomes a subject of interest. 

Solo Unicake has been gaining attention from fans because of his status. They are interested in knowing more about the celebrity child. 

So, in this post, we will share will.what we know about Solo Unicake as well as that of his parents, Robie Unicake and Rosamund Pike. 


Solo Unicake Biography

Robie Unicake and Rosamund Pike’s son Solo Uniacke is a famous child. On the internet, there is no extensive information on Solo Uniacke. His parents have yet to reveal his birthplace. Solo, unlike his parents, is not yet as well-known as they are. However, his possibilities of securing advantageous opportunities in the future are excellent.

Meet Solo Unicake, the celebrity child of Robie Uniacke & Rosamund Pike!  3

Solo Uniacke is the first child of Rosamund Pike and Robie Uniacke, a well-known celebrity couple. Solo’s mother claims that his birth provided them with a plethora of successful prospects. He was born only five months before his mother starred in the 2012 film “Jake Reacher.”

Solo Uniacke was born in the United States on May 6, 2012. He is currently a 10year-old boy with the Taurus zodiac sign. From his father’s first marriage, Solo Uniacke has five other half-siblings. Atom Uniacke, Solo Uniacke’s sibling, was also born in the United States on December 9, 2014.


Career and Net Worth 

He is far too young to begin his professional life. He is currently solely well-known as a result of the celebrity status of his parents.

Solo is only a child, and he already has his own belongings at such a young age. His parents, on the other hand, are wealthy and provide for their two kids’ every need.

Solo Uniacke’s Height 

Solo is an extremely attractive young man. His parents were primarily responsible for his appearance. Solo has blond hair and an extremely pale skin tone, just like his mother. Other physical measures, such as height and weight, have yet to be revealed.


Solo Unicake Social Media

Rosamund and Robie, according to news and sources, are stringent about their children’s use of social media. He is also too young to deal with the pressures of social media platforms.

Meet Solo Unicake, the celebrity child of Robie Uniacke & Rosamund Pike!  4

As regards his education, Solo Unicake is still in school  according to his age, but his parents have kept much of his personal details confidential. No one knows what school Solo Uniacke attends or what grade he is in.

Solo Unicake Parents

For nearly ten years, Rosamund Pike and Robie Uniacke have been in an extremely amorous relationship. His parents were first introduced to each other in 2009. Despite the fact that the couple is 18 years apart in age, their relationship is far from these issues.

Meet Solo Unicake, the celebrity child of Robie Uniacke & Rosamund Pike!  5

They both demonstrate mutual respect and understanding for their profession and for one another. Rosamond claims that his husband’s affection and love have grown in the ten years they’ve been together.

Solo Uniacke’s Parents’ Previous Relationships

Before marrying Robie Uniacke, Rosamund Pike had a number of love encounters. She had a relationship with Simon Woods around the year 2000. She was only a student at Oxford University at the time. When Rosamund discovered facts about Simon Woods’ gay life, their relationship deteriorated.

His father, like Solo’s mother, has a list of past relationships. He was previously married to Emma Howard before marrying Rosamund Pike. Their marriage lasts for several years, and after a few disagreements, they decide to part ways.



From Robie Uniacke’s previous marriage, Solo Uniacke has five siblings. Molly Hannah Sisson, Robie Jonjo, Maximilian Langton-Lockton, Ned John Hamilton, and Tabitha Jane Langton are his half-siblings.

Facts about Solo Unicake

Solo Uniacke was born on May 6, 2012, and is an American citizen. In the year 2021, he will be 9 years old. His parents are well-known for their ties to the media world, and they have kept their son’s birthplace a secret.

Wikipedia does not have any information about Solo Uniacke.


Rosamund Pike, his mother, is a well-known British actress, whose biography can be seen on Wikipedia.

  • His parents are quite private about their personal lives, and they have not revealed Solo Uniacke’s body measurements.
  • Rosamund Pike, Solo Uniacke’s mother, is a well-known actress around the world. She rose to prominence after starring in films such as Die Another Day, Jack Reacher, Radioactive, Gone Girl, and others.
  • Solo Uniacke’s net worth is still a mystery to the general public. Because he is simply a 9-year-old beautiful youngster, he may not have any personal belongings. “Atom Uniacke” is Solo Uniacke’s lone biological sibling. Solo has five more half-siblings from his father’s first marriage.
  • For a long time, Solo Uniacke’s father was married to Emma Howard.
  • For nearly a decade, Solo Uniacke’s parents have been romantically linked.
  • Rosamund Pike is 18 years younger than Robie Uniacke, her spouse. They have not, however, allowed age to play a role in their relationship.
  • Rosamond Pike had a romance with Simon Woods before falling in love with Robie. She was only a student at Oxford University at the time. They also appeared together in the film “Pride & Prejudice.”
  • Solo Uniacke, unlike her mother, does not have a social media account or an online presence.

Solo Unicake’s parents have done well in keeping details about the life of their son off the media. Solo Unicake is a young boy who is growing under the watchful eyes of his parents. 


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