Meet Kristina Jung daughter of famous drug dealer George Jung

Meet Kristina Jung daughter of famous drug dealer George Jung 2

Meet Kristina Jung daughter of famous drug dealer George Jung

There is a need to know more about Kristina Sunshine Jung which is what will be addressed in this write-up. Kristina Sunshine Jung was born on the 1st of August, 1978 in the United States of America (USA). The story of Kristina Sunshine Jung cannot be properly told with the inclusion of her parents.

Kristina’s father, George Jacob Jung was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts on the 6th August 1942. His father didn’t make much money, although a hard-worker so his parents fought on a regular basis. Because his father he had a troublesome childhood therefore Jung vowed that he would never be poor.

Jung attended the University of Southern Mississippi After high school, where he studied marketing and philosophy. he did well in football but his grades were average. He went then went to the University of Tennessee but due to his drinking and partying, that didn’t work out either.

Meet Kristina Jung daughter of famous drug dealer George Jung 3

He had a childhood friend, known as Tuna who had been kicked out of the University of Colorado. They discovered that a lot of money could be made selling marijuana and that they decided that they weren’t cut out for normal jobs.

They realized they could increase their revenue by smuggling it to the East Coast and were soon flying cannabis from Mexico to Cape Cod.  Jung flew the planes himself after he learned how to fly. he was arrested in 1974 for smuggling 660lbs. in prison he met Diego Delgado known as Carlos Lehder. with Diego as his partner, he began smuggling cocaine for the notorious Columbian Medellin Drug Cartel, headed by the infamous Pablo Escobar, upon his release.

Meet Kristina Jung daughter of famous drug dealer George Jung 4

During the ‘70s and ‘80s, Jung was responsible for the huge influx of cocaine into the states as the main player. It was around this time, he met a drug addict named Mirtha when she was 24. Mirtha and George Jung married in 1977 and welcomed Kristina a year later. Mirtha had a daughter, Clara Pearson, from a previous marriage.

On his 38th birthday, Mirtha invited members of the Medellin Cartel when she threw a big party for Jung but they were all busted. Mirtha was also imprisoned while her daughter Kristina was three years old at the time. she was released in 1981 and made a great effort to change her life and give up drugs.

Jung made an effort to stay clean and improve the relationship with Mirtha but they divorced in 1984. Jung went back in the game After serving time as he became desperate for money but in 1994 was re-arrested, and sentenced to 60 years.

Although American, Kristian is also of Irish descent and Cuban descent. Kristina has managed to keep her life private, and very little is known about her. After the release of the popular movie, “Blow” hit the circuit Kristina came under the spotlight.

The movie featured the rocky relationship between Jung and his daughter. The Movie, “Blow” was released in 2001 Produced with a $53 million budget, and racked up $83 million at the box office. The movie saw Emma Roberts played the role of young Kristina, and Jaime King the older Kristina while Penelope Cruz played Mirtha and legendary Johnny Depp played the role of Jung.

Meet Kristina Jung daughter of famous drug dealer George Jung 5

In the movie, it is revealed that being with his daughter, Kristina was the most important relationship of Jung who helped write the script. Kristina played a small part in the film her role was deleted in the cinematic version as it was requested by the government. Kristina had successfully evaded publicity until the movie was released.

Kristina’s only known literary work is the book is Recovery from Blow”, which she co-authored with her mother even though she claims to be a writer and poet. According to sources, Kristina is currently writing a book about her mother Mirtha.

Kristina Sunshine Jung is better known as the daughter of Mirtha Jung and famous drug-smuggler George Jung. after the release of the ‘Oscar’-nominated 2001 movie ‘Blow,’ which was based on her father’s life She came under the spotlight. due to the drug-related history of both of her parents, Kristina had an unstable childhood.

Kristina was then raised by her grandparents, Frederick and Ermine Jung. on holidays, on her birthday, and on every special occasion, they sent her a huge box full of clothes and toys every new school year. when her grandfather passed away this stopped and Kristina was then sent to her aunt Marie Jung’s place.

She stayed with her aunt till she turned 18 and on social media platforms ‘Instagram’ and ‘Facebook she displays her love and gratitude for her grandparents and her aunt.
Kristina is reportedly working on a book about her mother, which is expected to be released soon.

Meet Kristina Jung daughter of famous drug dealer George Jung 6

Personal Life

Kristina has stayed the most in California but lived in several parts of the United States of America, such as Concord, Millbrae, San Mateo, Walnut Creek, Pittsburgh, and Napa
There were rumors that Kristina had met George in the spring of 2002. However, According to the film, she had never visited George when he was in jail.

They are now often spotted together at public events and functions as Their bond strengthened when George was released in 2014. Kristina and her father after his release launched a business together in 2016, named BG (Boston George) Apparel & Merchandise Inc which hints they have patched up their differences.

The catchphrase of their establishment is “I can’t sell dope anymore so now I sell dope clothing.” The business has an Instagram account – “Smuggler’s Daughter” and an online shop promoting clothing branded with Jung’s image with their books and an array of T-shirts.

Even Kristina released that bad publicity is good publicity and the business is based in Santa Rosa, California. According to sources, she is currently worth about $150,000. The story of Kristian Jung is one that feels like a movie which eventually it was but it was real. Kristian was able to come out of the chaos in her life and become a notable personality that people continue to search about despite the transgressions of her father Jung in the cocaine business.

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