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Nathan Andersen: All you need to know about the husband of Canadian actress AJ Cook

Nathan Andersen: All you need to know about the husband of Canadian actress AJ Cook 2

There is a need to know more about Nathan Andersen. In this article, all there is to know about Nathan Andersen husband of Canadian actress AJ Cook. Nathan Andersen is co-founder of Walter Sky, a clothing brand, and is also popularly known as the husband of AJ Cook, a Canadian actress.

Nathan Andersen finally started his own clothing brand after wandering in other fields as One can cognize this from Nathan Andersen’s life saying It’s never late to pursue what you love to do.

He is also a travel enthusiast, mountaineer, and fashion designer as Nathan Andersen is not only a businessman. helping the business grow he was involved in his friend’s startup by investing in the business. he realized he wanted to open his own clothing line and decided to pursue his dream Nevertheless, later on.
Nathan Andersen’s life- his family, education, personal life, career, and net worth will all be explained in this article.


Andersen’s zodiac sign is Gemini and is currently 43 Years Old Born on May 25, 1978. his weight is unknown and His height is 6 foot 3 inches. Nathan Andersen is the husband of A.J. Cook who is best known for her role in CBS’ “Criminal Minds” the famous Canadian actress who is a significant part of the star’s life off the screen.

Thanks to her appearance as Supervisory Special Agent Jennifer “J.J.” Jareau on the CBS crime drama “Criminal Minds.” The gorgeous entertainer has since grown to become a fan favorite. in a McDonald’s commercial she made her acting debut in 1997 when she starred A.J. Cook’s career has spanned over two decades.

Nathan Andersen: All you need to know about the husband of Canadian actress AJ Cook 3


Nathan Andersen family and education

Nathan’s mother was a skier who was a fearless thrill-seeker as Nathan’s father was an athlete during his youth and later turned into an international entrepreneur.
Nathan has a brother named Wesley Anderson As for the siblings.

Even his parent’s names are unknown, he has not disclosed his parents’ information as Nathan seems like a private person. to climb, collect things, and roam around are things he used to do as Nathan states that he had a fun childhood The Andersen brothers are the brains behind the Walter Sky establishment.


He got the opportunity to know more about sports and adventures With his athletes’ parents. he got more into climbing and stuffed that he wanted to begin a career in it Later when he grew up. based in Salt Lake City, Nathan studied film and communications at Utah University (Utah Valley University) for his education as Nathan’s family was in support of it and helped him attain his goals Thankfully. Nathan was in the same institution as AJ Cook Interestingly.

Nathan Andersen personal life

Andersen is married to the gorgeous and extraordinarily talented AJ Cook Talking about his personal life. while they were studying film at the Utah Valley University in Salt Lake City Nathan and AJ met. the couple often met in a film class, Before AJ’s relocation to Salt Lake City.


Their relationship grew stronger However, after the relocation. Nathan Andersen and AJ Cook tied the knot Eventually, on August 3, 2001. they have been happily married for 20 years As of 2021.

AJ Cook wrote on Instagram On her 16th wedding anniversary, – “16 years ago today, I married this fella. Let’s be honest. We were babies!! Yet, somehow, here we stand. Solid. Steady. Secure.”

“I am overwhelmed by the good, we’re stronger because of the bad, and we have our two crazy boys to thank for when it all gets ugly. Love you, @nathanandy.”


Born in 2008 Mekhai Allan Andersen, born in 2015 Pheonix Sky Andersen as Nathan and AJ are blessed with two beautiful sons. with their mother, AJ Cook Both the children have appeared in the TV series Criminal Minds.

Nathan Andersen wife

A.J cook is famous for her role in criminal minds as Nathan Andersen married A.J Cook in 2001. and the reasons behind their crime Criminal Minds is about a group of FBI agents who tried to find the serial killer. A.J is active in the film industry since 1997 as A.J Cook played the role of Supervisory Special Agent Jennifer Jareau, also known as JJ. She also appeared in Tru Calling and Final Destination 2.


Nathan Andersen: All you need to know about the husband of Canadian actress AJ Cook 4

Nathan Andersen career

He ventured into Hollywood entertainment As Nathan had graduated from Utah Valley University. he realized he was not much into entertainment and decided to leave the industry, However.


He invested his resources and time in it for about a decade So, he decided to join a friend who established a startup business as He also cognized that he was more of a businessman than anything else. he realized he had to do something related to adventure and clothing After almost a decade.

Especially during those trips and adventures where he had to go through many troubles, He was always intrigued by the clothes and fabrics. he was stuck in his routine comfortable life that he almost forgot about his dreams as Nathan always dreamed of having his own clothing brand.

As they are quite risky to initiate the business in, which the clothing brands do not manufacture as Nathan was into technical garments Nathan delved more into the concept and finally developed his own clothing brand Nevertheless.


He decided to jump into it despite the risks Similarly, with the support of his family and friends. with his brother Wesley Andersen named Walter Sky Finally, he started his own clothing brand.


The garment at Walter Sky is engineered, tested, and redesigned by experts Walter Sky is a clothing brand that provides its customers with a minimalistic collection of clothes. His family members inspire the name of his clothing brand as Nathan is both co-founder and designer at Walter Sky.


As people were not much familiar with such a unique type of fabric He had to face many “no’s” in the beginning. he succeeded in launching his designs and established Walter Sky as one of the efficient clothing brands But with his determination and networking.

He aims to bring some revolution to men’s apparel Nathan has been developing stylish outfits with high-quality fiber as Andersen loves his clothing brand and its clothes as much as he loves nature.

Nathan Andersen: All you need to know about the husband of Canadian actress AJ Cook 5



Around Utah’s Wasatch Range during his childhood, He used to roam around, climb, collect things and test his limits as Nathan was always an adventurous person- ever since his childhood.

He learned many things from his parents that further inspired him to travel Born to athlete parents. which he is still really good at She even put him on skis when he was just 2 years old and enrolled him in scouts to teach him survival skills His mother taught him how to climb and repel as It was not just his parents who endowed the craze and love for adventure in Nathan.


His maternal uncle used to take him to hunt rocks, and after they came back, they used to polish the rocks calmly as His paternal grandfather used to take him fishing at night Similarly.

When he lived in Hawaii’s jungle after his college Nathan had to literally use his survival skills. the clothes on his back made him feel better Nathan also said that throughout those harsh times as His encounter with such terrible events made him appreciate the simple things in life.

Surprisingly enough, Nathan claims his experience to be awesome rather than terrifying as He was shot at, robbed, and even survived floods during his stay. To enter into the clothing industry and develop some fabrics that other brands didn’t have the guts to initiate as Nathan’s adventures are also one of the main reasons



He states that the time when he was diagnosed with cancer was the hardest of all as Andersen may have faced a lot of challenges and problems in his life. along with his family, Nathan had to struggle a lot for a couple of years Nathan has not publicly talked about the diagnosis. he has won the battle against cancer and is now cancer-free Thankfully, as per Andersen’s and AJ’s posts.


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