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Sherry Baffert: How is Bob Baffert’s ex-wife faring after divorce? 

Sherry Baffert: How is Bob Baffert's ex-wife faring after divorce?  2

Sherry Baffert: Fame is contagious without a doubt and once you are related or close to a very influential or popular figure in the society, you will sharely out of their fame. Sherry Barffert is one of those women. 

In as much as there is nothing hidden under the sun or in this context, social media, some people like Sherry Baffert have mastered the act of concealing details about their personal lives online. 

Divorce is a reoccurring theme in some of our previous posts and unfortunately, we will be discussing the divorce of Sherry Barfeet from her husband, Bob Barfeet and other details about her life. 


Sherry Bar

Sherry Baffert, Who is she? 

Sherry Baffert: How is Bob Baffert's ex-wife faring after divorce?  3
Sherry Baffert, her ex-husband and one of her sons

Sherry Baffert is a mother of four and the ex-wife of American horse trainer Bob Baffert. Sherry Baffert’s biography, age, gender, height, children, relationship, marital status, net worth, and other data are all included in this page. Let’s start with her profile summary.

Sherry Baffert is the first wife of Bob Baffert, an American horse trainer and coach who is responsible for the Triple Crown-winning horse American Pharaoh as well as the 2018 Triple Crown winner Justify.

Her fear of the media has prevented her from disclosing her date of birth, educational qualifications, or family background. Sherry Barferrt height  is roughly 5ft 6inches tall and weighs 68 kg. 


The couple had four children together: Tyler, Canyon, and Forest are their three sons, and Savannah is their daughter.

Sherry Baffert Divorce 

It continued for a good number of years before Sherry and Bo decided to divorce; by that time, they had four children: Canyon, Forest, Taylor, and Savannah Baffert, and the pair ended their marriage for unknown reasons.

Sherry Baffert: How is Bob Baffert's ex-wife faring after divorce?  4

With everyone going their own ways, Bob Baffert married for the second time, this time with news anchor and reporter Jill Baffert. According to thrillng.com, he was graced by the presence of Jill as she was anchoring a TV show from Churchill Downs.


They began courting, and in 2001, after a series of dates, they walked down the aisle. Jill gave birth to Skier Bode, her first son and Bill’s fifth child, after only a few years of marriage.

Net Worth 

As of 2021, Sherry Baffert’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million.

Sherry Barffert Instagram

She is not on Instagram or any other social media platform at the moment. Sherry lives her life off the preying eyes of the social media after her divorce from her husband Bob Baffert. 


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