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Strivectin Reviews, Products, Ingredients and Side Effects


Let me just tell you the truth, Don’t let anyone deceive you with the “I drink a lot of water” maxim when it comes to skincare. If you desire to have clear skin, then you need to put aside that logic and spend money. Strivectin is the answer to the question you have on your mind; “Which skincare product do I spend my hard-earned money on?”

Strivectin is a line of creams that specialises in treating wrinkles and stretch marks on skins. It is formulated such that it permeates deeply into the skin as it repairs dead skin cells and also formulates new ones.


It is interesting to note that Strivectin started as a remedy for stretch marks only when it was launched in 2002 but it was discovered that ladies used the product on their faces and they claim that it cured wrinkles as well.

Strivectin is made from a wide range of ingredients but some. of the vital ones are glycolic acid, retinol and niacin which is a form of vitamin B3.


Today, the Strivectin brand has diversified into a wide range of products that treat skin anomalies on different parts of the body such as the face, neck, eye among other parts.

Some of the popular products under Strivectin include;

StriVectin TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream


This product helps to enhance the elasticity around your neck and it also makes it firm. With the help of its botanical brightening complex, you don’t worry about pigmentation on your skin. Instead, you will be amazed how even your skin would be. If you use it religiously, in eight weeks, you should be seeing visible results on your skin.

StriVectin Tightening Face Serum

This serum.is one of the best selling as it helps your skin glow like a newborn baby. The combination of tetrapeptides and NIA-114 technology helps the elasticity of the skin and also enhances its natural barrier. Also, the NIA-114 helps to prevent the skin from displaying signs of ageing.


StriVectin Tightening and Sculpting Face Cream

The Strivectin Tightening a d Sculpting Face Serum noirishes your skin, prevents volume loss with the of Gravifill-CS Shaping Complex. The Gravill-CS shaping complex also has hyaluronic acid which helps the skin to be hydrated. This fave cream helps to map out desirable contours as well.

StriVectin Advanced Retinol Eye Cream


This award-winning eye cream is specially designed to wade of ageing signs around the eye. Retinol, a key ingredient in skincare helps to cell turnover. The cream also helps to refine and smoother the texture of the eye area.

StriVectin Glycolic Skin Reset Mask



This cream works more or less like magic. It is a  fast-acting, peach-tinted formula that helps to revive pale, dull, rough skin to reveal a fresh, renewed canvas garnished with radiance and splendour. The interesting thing is that it you will get your desired results in less than five minutes. The combination of glycolic acid with NIA-114 helps the skin to exfoliate optimally.

One of many reasons why Strivectin is rated highly among tons of skincare or beauty products is that all of its products are formulated with its exclusive NIA-114 technology, Niacin- a form of Vitamin B3.

This write up is not just to on the products of Strivectin alone but also to highlight the opinions of people who have used the products over the years.


How has Strivectin worked for people? Does it work? Below are some of the reviews from users of the products;

Strivectin Neck Cream 

Best product for wrinkles on the face……. AM from the United States

Used morning and night, it makes my skin feel pliable and comfortable. Not greasy. Tube travels well. Been using it for 7 years……Celestial, United States 


This product did nothing for the fine wrinkles on my arms
I want to return it, I’ve never returned anything before. But this has to be useless…….Michael Wagner, United States 

Just bought StriVectin-SD and B=Nia 24 Cleansing Cream. Afraid to use the StriVectin-SD because I broke out from the Cleansing cream…paid so much so hate not to even try it…just wondering if there might be something in the Cleanser that caused this burn on my neck….oddly, nothing on my face…but the neck is fried. Would love to send a picture if you would like to send me your email…hopefully, you can find what caused it and maybe delete the ingredient from the product……Brenice Bowes 

I’m 55 and have been using strivectin for 10 years and hardly have any wrinkles all my friends and acquaintances ask me what I use and now I have a very large following and everyone that I know are also using Strivectin now…….Julie 

Received a generous sample of this in some other kit I purchased and decided to give it a go after the neck cream from Prai did absolutely nothing for me. I like this cream. I’ve had a bit of a chubby neck since high school and now that I’m in my 40’s, I want to ensure it stays as firm and tight as possible. This cream did not irritate my skin which is a huge perk considering my neck is super sensitive for some reason. But it also tightened it a bit so after I used the sample over a few months since a little goes a long way, I purchased the larger container with the word (plus) in the title and it’s working well also. Very pleased so far.


I’ve only tried Strivectin a few times but look forward to seeing what it can do for me!…..Megstar 

I’ve been using this product for about two years and I can say that my neck has not gotten worse. I’m 71 and feel that this neck cream is helping me. I use it twice a day and it feels great. Wish I had started using it earlier.

Super C Retinol

This product combines two of my favourites…retinol and Vitamin C! As an almost 50-year-old woman (ouch! that’s painful to type!) I look for products that will brighten and correct my skin and this one fits the bill!!


The side effects are peculiar to specific Strivectin products but these are general based on all the ingredients found in most of the products.

  • Benzyl Alcohol – Tis may cause itching and orritation
  • Demithicone – Skin Irritation
  • Hydrogenerated Vegetable Oil – This may give rise to pore clogging in acne prone or sensitive skin.


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