Taylor Nicole Dean: Who is the boyfriend of the popular social media personality? Find out here 

Like every other popular figure, especially those in the entertainment industry, Taylor Nicole Dean’s personal life is a subject of interest to fans considering how young and successful she is. 

Taylor Nicole Dean

It is the case that fans would want to know about her family, who she is dating among others. So in this article, we shall be providing answers to most of the frequently asked questions about Taylor Nicole Dean. 


Taylor Nicole Dean is a well-known YouTube personality. Her movies are all about pet care, and she instructs her viewers on how to care for various animals.

The YouTuber has amassed a sizable following for her videos, with nearly 2 million subscribers to her channel. Learn everything there is to know about her, including her work, family background, personal life, and more.

The social media influencer was born on the 25th of March 1997. Taylor Nicole Dean is 24 years old in 2021.

Her parents, Matt and Jennifer Dean raised here in San Antonio, Texas, in the United States. Her two brothers were her closest companions as she grew up.


O’Connor High School was Taylor Dean’s alma mater. She subsequently transferred to Texas Connection Academy, where she finished her final year and received her diploma in 2015. 


Taylor began her career as a social media celebrity in September 2012, when she created a Twitter account. On April 25, 2015, she launched her YouTube channel. Dean is enthusiastic about animals, and her YouTube channel is devoted to animal care films.

She is good at it, as seen by her massive following, which currently stands at about 2 million members. The YouTube celebrity has acquired the moniker ‘PetTube Queen’ for her animal-related videos.

Taylor Nicole Dean

Dean educates her viewers on animal care, how some animals interact with their surroundings, and even what to think about while buying exotic animals in her films. She teaches her admirers how to feed, clean, and care for the creatures in their natural habitats. 

Taylor uses her films to show off her plethora of pets, which number in the hundreds. On July 13, 2017, she launched a second YouTube channel where she discusses her personal life.

Taylor Nicole Dean Net Worth 

Taylor Nicole Dean’s net worth is believed to be more than $1 million, because of her YouTube content and Instagram commercial deals.

Taylor Nicole Dean Boyfriend

So far, the artist has been in two romances. Because she is so young and attractive, it is only natural that she piques the curiosity of some of the people she encounters with. When she worked at PetCo, she had an on-again, off-again romance with a coworker.

She did, however, decide to leave her job when she began earning money from her YouTube work. She also ended her romance and went through a period of being single. She met singer Jonny Craig in 2017 and the two began dating.

Taylor Nicole Dean: Who is the boyfriend of the popular social media personality? Find out here  1

Jonny Craig, a singer, and ting in 2017. Because they were both in the spotlight, the Jonny Craig Taylor Nicole Dean pair drew a lot of attention. Taylor, on the other hand, announced their split in August 2019.

Taylor Nicole Dean’s ex-boyfriend was allegedly a drug addict, and as a result of his influence, the YouTube star started using drugs as well. Due to his addiction, Jonny is claimed to have lost his employment as a member of the band ‘Slaves.’ He’s also been accused of many instances of sexual misconduct.

Nicole is dating Jake at the moment. Jake has been extremely supportive of her efforts to recover from addiction and reintegrate into society.

What happened to Taylor Nicole Dean? 

Nicole had a difficult time when she was engulfed in addiction and had recently broken up with her ex-boyfriend Jonny. She was accused of neglecting her pets, which might be considered animal abuse.

Nicole couldn’t keep up with her social media activity, including videos for her YouTube channel, during that terrible time in her life. In a YouTube video, she gradually revealed what was going on with her.

Dean revealed that she had recognized her boyfriend’s substance addiction problem early in their relationship and had attempted to address it.

Taylor Nicole Dean
Taylor Nicole Dean

Taylor Nicole Dean even went so far as to ask her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend for guidance, but she didn’t take it well and retaliated on Twitter with explosive comments about Taylor. The RedTube Queen eventually succumbed to the same obsession.

The RedTube Queen eventually succumbed to the same obsession. She had been hooked for over a year before she realized she needed assistance.

She even returned to her parents’ home, which was a good indication because she had previously had a falling out with her mother over their relationship. Taylor claimed that her ex-boyfriend was violent and even dangerous. As a result, several of Nicole’s supporters turned on her ex-boyfriend.

The social media influencer has gone through numerous phases of rehabilitation and has shared her experiences with her online audience. Her supporters have also been quite supportive and encouraging to her.

Social Media 

Taylor Nicole Dean presently has over 1.96 million subscribers on her primary YouTube channel. She has over 166k subscribers on her second YouTube and this proves how prominent she is. 

Taylor Nicole Dean is also on Twitter, where she has over 207k+ followers. On Instagram, she has more than 330k+ followers. 

Taylor Nicole Dean hot

People want to see and appreciate elegance, which is why the animal lover’s beauty and style have gained her such a wide following on social media. She doesn’t let her followers down, as she updates her Instagram and Twitter accounts with fresh photographs of herself going about her daily activities.

Taylor Nicole Dean is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 55 kg.

Taylor Nicole enjoys tattoos and has a number of them, some of which were designed to conceal bruises from injections. She eats well and, due to her Celiac condition, must normally follow a gluten-free diet. She also enjoys experimenting with her hair and dyes it in a variety of colors, including blonde, red, blue, and green tints.

Taylor Nicole Dean is a fearless woman who is not afraid to own her flaws. She has such a strong spirit that she has chosen to focus her efforts on her recovery and being the best version of herself. She is an example of how anyone who is resolved to rise from the ashes and shine anew may do it. 

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