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The Best AI Novel Writing Software for 2022 revealed!

The Best AI Novel Writing Software for 2022 revealed! 2

Here is our recommended AI writing tool for Novel creation, Jasper ai.


In the field of technology, almost everything is possible and the efforts being made in that field are having an impact on other areas of life and work. 

Who would have thought that softwares can write an error-free article, blog posts among others? Maybe nobody. But this is fast becoming the norm these days. There are tools that not only write articles but also novels. 

Artificial intelligence is on the rise, and it is altering our world in ways we never imagined. Artificial intelligence has now taken over the world of novel writing, with some intriguing results.

According to the study, by the end of 2022, three out of every ten novels will be written by AI software. These tools will also edit and polish your work for you. So, let us now enter the world of AI and learn about these AI novel writing software that can perform all of these tasks for us. 

Some of the best AI novel writing software in 2022 has produced some spectacular results. We’ve heard some fascinating stories that make you wonder how much of these novels were written by computers and how much by actual humans.

One thing is certain: these AI novels are making waves in the industry, and people all over the world are taking notice. 

Artificial Intelligence is in the business of writing novels, we’ll look at some of the best AI novel writing software and see what they have to offer.

What is AI Novel Writing Software? 

AI has been in high demand and is likely to be successful in the world of novel writing. You can hire a team of writers or use AI Novel writing software to leave it to artificial intelligence. These tools assist writers and novelists with editing, proofreading, and any other changes that may be required.

These tools’ features include rewriting, proofreading, rewording, and automating the entire process for you. These tools are designed in such a way that they can learn from your work, and thus the AI Novel Writing software improves with each new novel that it is assigned to write.

AI has taken over the world of novel writing, and we can see it everywhere, from Facebook Messenger chatbots to automated customer help systems on websites. The best part about AI is that we won’t have to write anything. It will take care of everything for us.

How does AI Novel Writing Software works? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computer program that can learn on its own through self-exploration. Once these AI tools have finished their work, they operate in the background and are unaware of what they are doing. They have no idea they are writing lines for your novel.

These tools employ a large dictionary of word meanings to detect patterns in your words as you use them repeatedly. Thus, AI can analyze these patterns, and the information gathered allows the AI to develop its own writing style.

Thus, AI tools learn to ensure that they use great words and phrases while not being repetitive by using a large number of words in a single sentence. In this way, an AI tool can learn to write novels very well. After that, it can be manually edited to ensure that it is ready for human eyes as well.

Here is a list of various AI novel writing software that has been used by many writers around the world.

Best AI Novel Writing Softwares

Shortly AI 

ShortlyAI is one of the original AI novel writing softwares that gained recognition for its powerful usability for novels and more, is still a viable option to consider.

ShortlyAI is a powerful piece of AI novel writing software that can help you overcome writer’s block, develop your ideas into well-written paragraphs, provide you with a creative brainstorming partner, and much more to assist you on your journey to publish your next best-selling novel.

It has a clean, distraction-free interface that allows writers to focus on writing. The software also includes a set of commands for refining sentences in a variety of ways, such as rewriting, shortening, and expanding content.

Jarvis AI’s team purchased ShortlyAI in June of 2021. While the product runs independently of Jarvis’ tool, there is a lot of overlap, and for such a small price difference, Jarvis does much more than ShortlyAI with a better (though busier) user interface.


AI Novel Writing Software

Jarvis is the most widely used AI novel writing software.

Jarvis.ai can assist you in writing a novel in a matter of hours. All you have to do is provide the outlines and details for your novel, and then you can relax and enjoy your new book.

Jarvis AI is one of the best tools I’ve seen so far; it’s simple and easy to use while also being quite impressive. This software includes all of the features you’ll need, including editing, proofreading, auto-editing, and character development.

The most common issue that authors face is a lack of time, which can be alleviated by using Jarvis AI novel software.

This software will handle all of the repetitive tasks, allowing you to concentrate on the creative aspects. Jarvis has excellent features that can make your writing life easier, and it is also reasonably priced.

If you’re looking for a good AI novel writing software, you should give this Jarvis – our recommendation a shot 

Can Jarvis Write a Book? 

Yes, Jarvis can a write a book in about three days or less


ClosersCopy is a newer player in the AI novel writing software market, and has grown in popularity as a result of extensive marketing campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook.

The tool is still in its early stages, but it appears to be very promising because it uses its own artificial intelligence algorithms rather than OpenAI/GPT-3, as Javis AI and ShortlyAI do.

While the primary driver is marketing, the tool is divided into three modules, each with its own purpose: SalesAI, StoryAI, and BlogAI.

The StoryAI is the most promising for the ideal execution of novel writing due to its ability to create stories that are simple for novelists and writers to edit.

ClosersCopy appears to be a great place to start if you’re looking for AI writing software suggestions as well as one that gives you the highest character limits for the lower priced-plans.


Frase AI is a new-age content writing software that produces quality, natural language text. It is designed similarly for marketing and specifically SEO content writing. While the majority of their toolset is geared toward copywriting and SEO, including detailed content reports, the Frase AI writer tool within their SEO Add-on can produce some fantastic novel content.

This premium online platform claims to produce professionally written content for users across multiple industries or verticals by utilizing “a combination of machine learning techniques such as deep learning neural networks (multi-layered perceptions), which mimic human thought processes.”

One of the most intriguing aspects of Frase is that their AI writing module is not based on OpenAI or GPT-3. This means that the results of this tool will be vastly different from the first two AI writing software solutions listed in this article (Jarvis and ShortlyAI).

It also means that it isn’t subject to the same ‘adult’ restrictions on novel writing that Jarvis and Shortly is due to their reliance on OpenAI. 

How to write a Novel with AI 

The AI software is still in its early stages, but it will improve over time. You will provide your outlines, and the AI will generate a fully-fledged piece of writing for you. This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen; I’m not sure if it’s really possible, but we’ve only seen rudimentary forms of automated writing in our time.

The following is how it works:

  • The first step is to create an outline for your novel using software that also allows you to take notes. This will greatly assist the AI in understanding the story and how it should be developed.
  • Once you’ve created an outline, you’ll need to feed it into the software you’re using. This will allow the AI to comprehend your vision and create a novel based on it.
  • The way this process works is that you provide some details about your novel’s characters, plot, and other aspects in the form of short notes. The AI will create a full-fledged novel for you based on these notes. This novel will be very similar to your own, as well as have a similar style, because you have provided enough information for the writing
  • The next step is for you to read through the AI-generated novel and make any changes you want. When you’re finished editing it, it’ll be nearly perfect. You can then publish the entire work or leave it as a draft for future editing.

Is AI Novel Writing Software a Myth? 

No, AI novel writing software is not a myth. AI has already taken over many aspects of our lives, as we have seen. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, has taken over the world of novel writing. Is this, however, a realistic possibility? Many people believe in the power of this technology, but will it actually happen?

So far, we’ve only seen minor applications in the field of novel writing, but they’re quite impressive. The applications are currently being developed not only for writing novels but also for editing them. If you ask me, it will be a long time before AI takes over the entire world, but it will happen in our lifetime.

It will also take time for this technology to reach its full potential, so keep in mind that AI is still in its early stages of development.

AI is unquestionably taking over our world and will soon become a significant part of it. We will see a large number of things being automated in the near future, and AI will play a significant role in this.

It is critical to ensure that you have the perfect writing style when writing your novel. This way, an AI producer can easily edit your novel. Learning how to write novels with AI will be a matter of time if you follow the advice provided above.

Here is our recommended AI writing tool for Novel creation, Jasper ai.

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