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The Critic Mag: All the you need to know about the UK popular magazine

The Critic Mag: All the you need to know about the UK popular magazine 2

What is The Critic Mag?

The Critic Mag is a monthly political and cultural magazine published in the United Kingdom. David Starkey, Joshua Rozenberg, Peter Hitchens, and Toby Young are among those who have contributed.

Michael Mosbacher, former editor of Standpoint, and Christopher Montgomery, a strategist with the European Research Group of Eurosceptic Tory MPs, co-founded the magazine in November 2019. Jeremy Hosking, a Conservative Party donor who had previously donated to Standpoint, funded it.

The Critic Mag

The Critic Mag exists to oppose a self-centered and dangerous consensus that regards critical voices as troubling, triggering, insensitive, and disrespectful. The point is not to provoke or troll. The goal of honest criticism is to improve one’s approach to truth, not to deny its possibility.


Reception of The Ctitic Mag?

The Critic Mag, according to Mosbacher, competes with Standpoint. Hosking, according to Mosbacher, was unwilling to fund Standpoint without more of “the culture wars content” that he was interested in, but Standpoint’s board resisted this direction. The Times Literary Supplement compared The Critic to The Spectator, with the mission “to criticize the critics.” The Drum’s Ian Burrell described The Critic as a “contrarian conservative magazine.”

Prospect founder David Goodhart made the following observation in his essay wishing success to the new publication: “Is the world in need of yet another magazine of tastefully written… conservatively inclined thought? Most likely not.” “I would say probably yes,” said Peter Wilby of the New Statesman, “so why don’t we get one?”

EditorChristopher Montgomery [1]
Deputy EditorGraham Stewart
Online EditorDavid Scullion
Former editorsMichael Mosbacher
PublisherOlivia Hartley
Total circulation
19,654 (November–December 2020)[2]
First issueNovember 2019
CompanyLocomotive 6960 Ltd
CountryUnited Kingdom
Based inLondon


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