What’s Jdot Breezy Real Name? Background, Career, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Social Media

What's Jdot Breezy Real Name? Background, Career, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Social Media 2

Jdot Breezy is one of the fastest rising singer and rapper from the United States of America. He has been in the music scene for onky a few years but has garnered a decent number followers especially among young Americans.

Some of his hit tracks include First Week Out, Shoot It Out, Kill Zone, EST, Bitch K, Talkin’ Tough among others.

Being popular comes with some level of responsibilities and part of it is dealing with fans prying into one’s privacy. Today’s post on Naijasuperfans.com provide answers to most of the frequently asked questions about Jdot Breezy.

Some of those those questions include: What is Jdot Breezy real name? What is Jdot Breezy net worth? Who is Jdot Breezy girlfriend?, among others.

Naijasupeelrfans.com, having carried out extensive research on the subject-matter, will answer the questions and also provide other information about the young American singer.

What’s Jdot Breezy real name?

Jdot Breezy’s real name Jacorey Rivers. He is a rapper, singer and he hails from Northern Jacksonville, Florida. He is populary as Jdot Breezy which is his stage name and the name moat fans know him as on various social media platforms.

How old is Jdot Breezy?

As of the time of writing, he is 23 years old. He was born on January 26th, 2001 in Jacksonville. He is an American citizen but of Afro-American descent. Jdot Brezzy zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Jdot breezy


Naijasuperfans.com diacovered that Jdot Breezy grew up with his sister Lala. The two kids were raised by their mother. He and his sister didn’t really have the presence of a father in their lives while growing up because their father was in and out of jail. Jdot 2as only 14 years ood when he started looking job to support his family.

As per his education, Jdot attended high school where he played football (not soccer) and led his team to wining the state championship. Unfortunately, he didn’t graduate because from school because he was expelled.


Jdot Breezy, just like any average musician developed the passion for music at a very tender age. In fact, we discovered that he started singing and rapping at the age of 11. He revealed that artists like Young Boy and Chief Keef inspired him whike growing up.

The 24-year-old started doing music officially when he was doing a level 8 program after he got arrested for an offense. We shall talk about the offense later on. He realesed his debut album, Life After Ralo in 2019 after he was got out of prison. First Week Out, Talking Shift Pt 1, Bang were some of the top tracks on the album.

The rapper has collaborated other rappers including GMK, Spinabenz, Will GoCraxxy, Whoppa wit da Choppa.

The rapper has gone on to release two other albums: The Leak and Ghetto Lullabies since his debut album. He has also released a couple of EPs and singles.

He has a YouTube channel where he posts his music. The channel has over 290K suscribers on the page.

Some of his popular songs are listed below:

  • Like Mike
  • Biggest Problem
  • Out For Vengeance
  • Nothing
  • Nobody Is Safe
  • Jack N Jill
  • Ain’t Safe
  • New Bodies
  • Job Done
  • Opp Flow
  • Step On Sumn
  • Not The Same
  • Chop His Head
  • Illegally Tinted
  • Biggest Problem

Jdot Breezy net worth

The exact net worth of the rapper has not been determined but Naijasuperfans.com discovered that Jdot’s net worth is estimated to be between a million and 5 million dollars. His music is his primary source of income at the moment. As his popularity continues to grow, he will most likely get endorsement deals, new music deals among other sources of income.

What happened to Jdot Brezzy?

The rapper was arrested when he was just 17 years old. He was accused of armed carjacking. Jdot bagged a 9 month prison term but he ended up spending a year because he had initially spent 3 months awaiting trial. Jdot when back to crime again a year later and he was bagged again for firearm-related charges.

What's Jdot Breezy Real Name? Background, Career, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Social Media 3

Who Jdot Breezy girlfriend?

It appears that he is currently single and not dating anyone at the moment. The young rapper is apparently focused on his career and family right now.

Social media

Jdot Breezy commands a decent number of followings on his social media pages. He has over 520K followers on his Instagram page. He has over 290K suscribers on his YouTube channel. He has over 7K followers on X (formerly known as Twitter)

Jdot Breezy 23 songs on Instagram

Naijasuperfans.com can report that Jdot Breezy last post on Instagram was on January 14 where he told fans he will release 23 songs in celebration to celebrate his 23rd birthday. He posted the graphic post on his page 12 days before his birthday.

Profile Summary

Jdot Breezy, a 23-year-old Aquarius from Jacksonville, Florida, is making waves in the music scene as a rapper and singer. With his black hair and dark brown eyes, he stands at 5’10” tall and weighs 161 pounds (73 kilograms). Born on January 26, 2001, Jdot Breezy identifies as African-American and is proud of his Christian faith. He’s currently single and focused on his career, with a net worth estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. You can catch glimpses of his life and work on Instagram at @_jdotbreezy.

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